My method of backing up movies successfully

My fav software is CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD. I had used X-Copy Platinum, DVDShrink, DVD Decrypter & Recode before. My fav media is Verbatim & TDK DVD-R & DVR+R DL. I used quite a lot of cheaper media but I won’t say the brand but it’s half the price of Verbatim. This media was branded as ‘dirt & shit’ by my peers in my hometown but I had used more than 2000pcs with less than 0.5% failure - same failure rate as the Verbatim media.
The most important thing is your System. You must have a clean & sweet system to backup movies. I have 1Gb of DDR2 533 RAM with 1x120Gb SATA, 2x250Gb SATA, 1x200Gb IDE divided into 10 partitions. There’s always 3 empty partitions of 80Gb each for my backup movies’ temp folders. Whenever I need more space, I would just format the entire partition instead of defrag - faster & cleaner. I have 4 internal & 1 external DVDRW.
So far I have never come across a movie that cannot be copied.
Bad media or a faulty drive may cause some problems but if you do not have sufficent unfragmented HDD space, you will increase your coaster collection. You can still encode the entire movie but the video files will become so fragmented that Windows cannot piece them together fast enough to provide the buffer to burn before the timeout - unless you want to burn at 1x. I burned all my media at 8x