My memory card don't lock in



This is the first time I have ever seen this problem, after building 25 pcs, so I am a tad confused. My mobo is an MSI 7701. It takes DDR333/400 currently it has a 512Mb DDR333 card and I wanted to use one of the 256 ones from my old machine. While in a shut down I opened up the case added my hdd and tried to fit the memory card, it is a tight squeeze, but it goes in. Now here’s the problem the locking tabs don’t coincide with the locking notches on either card.

My problem is I can’t afford to get any more memory at the moment, so I wondered if it is safe to fit them without using the locking tabs? The cards aren’t loose it takes a litle effort to get them in and out, which doesn’t sound right to me, as they sould just slip in and lock. If not it will be time to save up again.

The only other otpion would be to try a DDR400 card, but I have never mixed DDR memory and have only read about it causing problems. Is this true?


I’ve only seen something similar with an old Pentium I board and the very first SDRAM-slots, JayC, not with DDR. I would fit the DDR400 memory, with any luck it will run fine at 333MHz like the other module.


I hope it does, I can give it a try as my friend can have my 2x256 cards then and I can have a 1Gb of memory instead of 768 which will be handy.

As I said I have never seen it before either that’s what got me. Though it is a Pentium board and my DDR is pretty old, as I got it a few months after 333 came out and was on an Athlon board, so it maybe that there has been a slight change in the positions of the lock slots on the cards.


JayC30, try sraying some compressed air into the slots maybe something is in there. Look in the “System Properties” and see if it is recognized. I can’t imagine system memory that doesn’t fit, I think the locking tabs are important, also see if they are out of alignment, I have seen that before, all you have to do it jiggle them alittle with the memory stick out of the slot.


1Gb will be nice, as you say. As a general rule, if you mix different memory speeds they will run at the speed of the slowest. Put the DDR333 bar in the first slot and the DDR400 in the second, so the BIOS will see DDR333 first. If the system boots, you should be OK.


I would not trust the memory to stay put due to heating and cooling cycle, this will cause errors and possible failure of the memory.
I have had to replace memory that wasn’t fitted correctly and when tested (fitted properly) was faulty.
Take out the memory already installed and make a physical comparison. If identical it should lock down, if not…


What if you have a pc 2700 in the first 2 slots both 256 mb and one pc 3200 and the 3rd slot 512 kb. Is that the right way to do it for the best speed? I have a mobo that takes pc 2700 and 3200


Start your own thread for help this is in effect hijacking and is frowned upon.

Well my friend is away so I can’t get at his PC, Cressida, I will let you know how it goes with the two different clock speeds.

Strangely looking at the memory I have found a difference, the memory from my old PC has two locking slots at both ends, yet the one that came with the PC only has one at each end. I have looked at all the places I shop and they all have two so I am wondering if this is a custom mobo and memory made for my PC manufacturer.


JayC30, providing a link to the mobo you have and posting memory model & part numbers would make all this much easier. :wink:

BTW, is it MSI mobo no.7701 or this.


It’s this one: mobo where I was sent by the manufacturer to get the drivers. The PC is this one: PC

As to the memory inside it will have to wait until I can get into the PC which should be at the next shut down cycle a bit later today. SiSandra isn’t reporting make and model of it only size.

The memory I am trying to fit is Samsung (which numbers do you want by the way there are loads on it?)


Thanks for clearing things up regarding MSI mobo #… :wink:

Check this page about compability items, and about memory modules here.

Try with CPU-Z to retrieve currently mounted memory module info.

[I]Edit,[/I] this Samsung DDR guide might help you to identify your memory at hand.


Downloaded CPU-Z ad it just gave me the size of the module, all the other areas are greyed out.

Just tell me where I would find the numbers you need on the memory andI will get them for you.

EDIT: Tell a lie I was in the wrong tab. Here’s the saved report: