My LTR-48125W sees a C2 error on all CDs

Any help would be appreciated. I searched the forums but did see any similar posts.

Here’s the problem. My LTR-48125W sees a C2 error on all CDs when I read them at max speed using Kprobe 1.1.10. The C2 is always around the 60 minute mark. Nero scan disk also shows one damaged sector. When I slow down the read to 16x, kprobe does not show any C2 errors.

The same CDs read in my LTR-48246S and LTR-52246S at max speed do not show any C2 errors.

This problem is present when using either VS08 or VS0B firmware. I’m using 48x Fuji TY disks.

Any ideas? Other than this C2 thing, the drive seems to be fine - writes CDs seemingly just fine.

Many, if not most, of the “5” series drives show this spike at 57 min. I call it the LiteOn speed bump. It is a reading glitch, and does not represent a problem with the disc. Ignore it.

That’s great news, thanks for answering. I’ve been really scratching my head over this thing. Thanks for the help!

Well i never! that has bugged the tits off me for ages and ages, now i know :smiley:

i also confirm this “glitch” error with my 40125S@48125W VS0D :slight_smile:
and when i run Nero scandisk i see 100% good :slight_smile:

I have this error too, around 56-57 minutes. I have been quite concerned, but since it has turned up on all disc I have scanned with KProbe, from crappy 3 year old CMCs to brand new Ricohs and Prodiscs, burned with different burners, I have settled with the conclusion that it is the reading of the burner, not the discs or the writing of my burner. Great to have it confirmed though. :cool:

I have a 48125S - 1S05.

It appears that a lot of my discs are doing this on my LTR56246S with 0F firmware too. Although I’m unclear about the diff between 52x and Max (See above posting on this).

Should I flash back to the 0D firmware that came with my drive?

It appears that a lot of my discs are doing this on my LTR56246S

This thread is about a glitch that is peculiar to the “5” series drives. the “6” series do not do this.
As to your question, some of us do feel that 6S0D is the better firmware for quality burns.