MY LTD 163D is FU~@D

I downloaded firmware D163DGHR8 due to my 163d not playing dvd-r discs correctly so I though aftr reading that I would do an update. IT WAS WORKING PERFECT BEFORE AND IS NOW DEAD. It went through the update then asked me if I wanted to reboot i clicked yes. After that the PC didn’t boot up. Only when I unplugged my LTD163d did it work again. Now the 163d is dead. Totally dead. I followed the instructions EXACTLY and now I cannot even open and close the drive tray. ITS DEAD not recognised by anything and doesn’t have a power up LED lit up. I’m so annoyed. I CANT EVEN PRESS THE OPEN TRAY BUTTON ITS TOTALLY DEAD!

Woudl anybody have any thoughts ? I tried the flash boot floppy but it didnt recognize any ide ports and told me to reboot. I’m so pissed off

Would anybody know if inside the drive itself if there are any jumpers that could be removed to clear the firmware then it could be re-instated using the dos floopy technique ?
Just a thought as this is so annoying and the usual sort of thing that could be sorted at “the factory” but their must be a way ???


If the drive is under warrenty, get it replaced.

If it is not under warrenty … buy a new reader. They cost all of about $35 AU. (which is about $25 US)