My login screen problem

Hi folks, My login screen keeps going and coming when I try to login to my PC. I cannot login to my PC I don’t know what to do. Running window XP professional SP 2. Help. I was thinking it is a problem to do with a virus infection.

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode? Do you have a bootable Windows installation CD or a linux CD?

Yes I have tried booting in safe mode but it did’nt work. Unfortunately I have an installation CD for Windows XP but I don’t know if its a bootable one or not you know I am a novice, what can I do?

If it’s a true Windows XP CD it is bootable.

Here is a good place to read up on the steps needed to run repair

Try this page:

Thanx guys I tried the CD and it worked. :clap:

Great to hear akonorba

Hopefully everything else runs smoothly