My Liton Died :(

I have a Liton 16102b and I was using the os0j firmware but i was having problems burning games so I decided to go back to 0e. Now the drives green light is on and doesnt go off and the drive isnt recignized by windows. PLZ HELLP

plz help if u can

just put newest firmware back on it :slight_smile:

if u cant do that check here for dos firmware’s etc

here is OC-freak’s firmware for your drive :slight_smile: try these

Looks like its done for… I tried the windows ones first. Drive wasnt detected on any of them. then the dos one said not a cdrw drive 2 times then said abort to reflash. Man what a bummer

I’ll make a turtorial later today on how to get it back alive.


OC good tutorial…

Very good tutorial. Was easy to follow. But It doesnt seem to work for me. I did att the steps, my liteon is on the primary and is the master drive(and the only drive other than my hdd) I let it run for about 2 hours and this is all i get

MTKFLASH by Joseph Lin, MTK 1998 (Ver 1.48)

Am I missing something?

Try to put the drive as master on secondary IDE. = 3

That may help. Also it may have problems with a few IDE controllers. I suggest that you also try the drive in another computer if possible.

tried it. same response. The drives green light stays on and that MTKFLASH by Joseph Lin, MTK 1998 (Ver 1.48) stays there. Looks like im going to have to get a rma for this drive. This isnt for everyone I guess. Thx for trying

The last thing that may be worth trying is to move the drive to another computer(preferrably an older computer a pentium is nice but pentium 2 and earlier p3 may also do the trick) and try the same trick there.

If I had one or knew anyone with a computer around in my area I would but sadly I dont.