My Litey LTD163 reads better than 1620, even though they were burnt with itself...lma



Just though i bring some laughter into the fourm, burnt some basketball nba game clips onto a dvd with my 1620 pro, stuggles with 96%, continually coughs out unrecoverable read error in alcohol 120% and CRC error with clonedvd
however put it in my litey passes with flying colours and faster two average 7X with it wjill only X4ish. Benq is a good drive however there are flaws



My Benq 1620 with mcse’d B7V9 reads far better than my Liteon 167T when encountering problem disk overall.
In some rare instance its the reverse at first try but it succeded on a second try some moments later. Maybe it’s a heat problem, fo instance using it for reading after several burns ?

Could you post quality scans with both drives for a comparison ?