My Liteons keep spinning discs when they are idle

Today I noticed that my both liteons constantly keep spining discs inside them while they are idle.
So I load a disc, the autorun loads disc content and I just close that window. After some time I cannot hear the motors anymore.
But if I put my ear on the drives I hear that the motors are still running at a low speed. Is this normal?
So I gues the loaded discs could be spining for hours without my knowledge and when I get them out they tend to be warm (not really warm but still noticeably).
The drives are 1653S and 20A3P. Could somebody please check if this is the case with their drives too?

1653S stops after a couple of minutes but 20A3P not

Can anyone please tell me if their 20A3P does the same thing? I need to know whether I should take it back to the shop or not.

Although it’s not the same drive, my LH-20A1P keeps discs spinning at a relatively low speed for some odd amount of time. I hear the motor’s ABS weights rattle as it stops spinning right before the tray ejects. My A1H did the same thing. After some time, though, the tray will be able to eject right after the press, but I can’t remember how long it took [I went off to do stuff for a few hours.]

I timed it. By the end of the 19th minut, it was still spining. So I gave up.
If it’s like that for every Liteon, I guess leaving discs inside for a long time would not be a good idea.

Doesn’t sound normal. Maybe try a different drive?