My Liteon SOHW1213s performs BADLY

I bought it one week ago and burned the accompanying Liteon DVD8x -R(CMC), but the result is so bad. I did update the Firmware before burning. The software I used is the Latest Nero Express 6 which came with the drive.

The Liteon (CMC) 8x-R, it is nearly unreadable (Fig 1)

Then I bought some 4xDVD+R Disc for testing
I found that my 1213s can read the DVD+R disc back smoothly only for the beginning 4GB, then the drive keeps spinning up/down when reading the remaining 0.39GB. I tried several discs already. (Fig 2)

Can anyone give me some comments? Should I return the drive?

You might have better luck with a better firmware…

Try BS0S or CS09…

@ abalone

In case you’re not paying attention, that means a crossflash to 1633S or 1653S - crossflash patched (Omnipatcher) firmware required.

If you don’t fancy that, then I WOULD return the drive if unsatisfactory, as you’ll void your warranty by crossflashing, and the drive could still be a lemon!
Otherwise, use the EEPROM backup tool, the firmware backup tool, so you can put it back as it was … RMA’ing a drive that you damaged by misflashing is bad behaviour - returning a drive back to normal, that is just no good as a 1213S or a crossflash, is reasonable.

If you have the option though, return it, and get a GENUINE 1633S, or a better drive like BENQ, NEC, Pioneer or the new LG.

Support for the 1213S seems to have died with TS0D - plenty of 1633/53S releases, but no progress on the 1213S.

The only reason mine is still a 1213S, is I haven’t decided what to flash it to yet - was waiting for BS42, but it looks like that’s fading into the distance.

I have a 1633s, flashed with BS0S and run thru omnipatcher with the latest tweaks and then reset the learning eprom and this is the result with CMC MAG E01 (which I have been getting not so good results with:

jake8131! Your KProbe result is what I have been looking for!
Matth! Thanks for your comments, maybe I will try crossflashing first, if the result is still bad, then I will return the drive. But I think I need sometime to learn the tricks!

If you suspect it’s a bad drive, you should return it rather than crossflashing.

If you make unofficial modifications, then you have voided your warranty!

If you damage it during crossflashing, then that is most definitely your responsibilty, and too much crossflash related troubles would see a tougher line from Liteon (already, direct patchabilty of their released firmware is blocked).

Quite honestly, if the performance is bad enough to be able to get your money back, or a DIFFERENT drive, I’d jump at that - the 1213S is an obsolete model, not a good model, and while the crossflash results are usually better than a native 1213S, they are not 100% convincing that it is as good as a drive that started out as a 1633S (or even a 1613S.

It’s about time Liteon took an adequate 1633S firmware, disabled 16x and DL, and released it for the 1213S - as far as I can see, it is THAT SIMPLE - the old “2S” and “51S” ranges often got parallel updates.

I still feel scarery to crossflash my drive. :confused:

Anyway, I just applied the optimisation on my current 1213s firmware using the omnipatcher, let’s see if the situation improves.

Here is the result of patched firmware…

@ abalone, stop scanning at MAX and set it to the cdfreaks standard which is 4x and see what happens.

Thanks for reminding. I will test again the old disc later

Here is the result of crossflashing 1653s Read @ 4x ( :slight_smile: Meet standard now)

The result is MUCH better :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Again is the same brand DVD+R@4x
Haha! So excited!

One more question, can I burn DVD DL+R after crossflashing?


Re-scan that previous burn (the really bad one) at 4x, lets see if it’s writing better or just scanning better!

Actually, it looks like a good crossflash, bringing in a result like that on media which is not the best, but the Liteon is variable - with some firmware and tweaks, a media which was terrible can go to excellent.

One thing though, a Nero CDSpeed transfer plot, in the same or different drive, would confirm the Kprobe good news - they don’t always agree, but if you have a decent 4x Kprobe and a not too ragged full speed transfer plot, then you can be confident the burn really is good.

Yeah! I will try both later! But I am just curious, as I got some disc which got average KProbe result, but bad Nero CD Speed result. What does that mean? Are the data still safe?

Here is the result after blanking the EEPROM
I got some little improvement :slight_smile:

Nero CD Speed result will be ready soon ~

O! The ending is not very good…

Actually, I got a little better curve before blanking EPROM (The end is smooth but I lost the result file :confused: )…Should I retore the old EPROM? or I will got better result next time after Liteon “learnt” the disc? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the result of disc (Please refer to #8) which was burned after Omnipatcher optimised, geniue, latest 1213S Firmware W@4x.

The KProbe result is much better when reading at 4x than at Max Speed but still not acceptable when comparing with the crossflashed result :slight_smile:

I just throw it into the trash bin :bigsmile:

you may also try diff media. liteon’s like the ricoh +r stuff.

Thanks for your recommendation. I think it’s about time to give a little summary of my crappy DVDWriter
No) Burning Firmware used, version, KProbe reading speed, Average PIE Average PIF

  1. 1213S, TS0D, R@Max, 118.7 3.52
  2. 1213S Patched, TS0D, R@Max, 430.9 77.57
  3. 1213S Patched, TS0D, R@4, 174.4 5.88
  4. 1213S @ Patched 1253S, CS09, R@4, 11.84 0.16
  5. 1213S @ Patched 1253S, CS09 Blanked EEPROM, R@4, 8.49 0.11

However, I still got couple of question and hope some experts can answer.

  1. KProbe tells me the PIF, Nero CD Speed tells me the transfer rate, but how are they related? For example, I got a disc with low PIF (Error), why it is still possible to get a crappy transfer rate? As during KProbe test, we usually got a smooth reading. Does that mean I may got POF? But I verified that the disc content got 100% no error via CRC32 checking.
  2. Before crossflashing, I feel that the reading speed is higher, the motor sounds higher also. Is it due to firmware incompability or mechanical difference between 1653S and 1213S? Or just an optimisation of firmware?
  3. Why can I burn DVD+R DL? Does that mean 1213S, 1633S and 1653S got similar mechanical design? Did anyone verify this before?
  4. Will I get better second burned disc after I blanked the EPROM? Or just similar to the first disc?

I would like to thank :bow: all CD freaks for your comments and help! I guess Liteon should send you guys a appreciation letter as you stop me from returning the drive. :slight_smile:

  1. Different, but related - and the transfer rate is more sensitive to a peak toward the end of the Kprobe - and yes , Verify is another test, sensitive to something the others are not - I don’t know how or why, but I’ve seen a verfy fail (bad data) that scans quite adequately,

  2. If the firmware is Omnipatched, I believe that ups the written DVD read speed to 12x (normally an over-conservative 8x, though a burn that has a read tail-off at 8x maxx will probably look worse, sooner at 12x max)

  3. Many times, just like the 812S to 832S, and the impressive Codeguys discovery that the 451S and 851S can also share the joy (“2S”/“51S” class drives).
    Generically, the 1213S, 16x3S are all “3S” drives, and (other than the 1673S) while not certain to be identical, they do seem to be comparable in hardware.

  • It’s been done to death already, the 1673S has differences sufficient to result in a failed flash recovery if crossflashing from earlier “3S” models is attempted.
  1. Maybe - the time to reset was immediately before or after the crossflash, as the different table would leave any learn data assigned to the wrong media - by resetting after a burn, you threw away the learning for that burn.
    So having made another burn already, you are now back to one learn for it.

From what I recall, it seems that it has greater detail for the last 4 burns (any media), plus some retained information for each media.

Some say you can accelerate the learning by burning multisession - each session is one learn, or that you can push a bad learn out by writing 4 sessions, or a DVD +/- RW 4 times. I’m not 100% convinced on the multisession theory.