My Liteon SOHW-1673s fails to write CD-Rs and doesn't read CD-Rs properly

Well Hi there guys

My Liteon SOHW 1673s is about 1.5 to 2 Yrs old… And as stated above, doesn’t write CD-Rs at all using Nero (Any Version). Its starts rotating and stays at 0%. And fails to read any CD-Rs properly. An MP3 disc plays with lots of glitches even though it plays perfectly on my 4 year old Samsung DVD-ROM.

It works perfectly with DVD±RWs and DVD±Rs

Thanks for your help


It is possible that your cd diode is bonkers. However you can open the drive, start a burn and see if it even lights up. Be very careful, DO NOT LOOK INTO THE LASER DIRECTLY, it’ll burn your eyes and you won’t even know it! and also, make sure your drive is out of warrenty before doing any of this.