My Liteon shm-165p6s won't recognise a new game I bought

I’m a complete noob to this website and any help will be greatly appreciated. I bought Pro Evolution Soccer 6 the other day and when I went to insert the DVD to load the game, the drive wouldn’t recognise the disc. The drive LED was constantly on and seemed as if the disc was skipping. The Liteon website is useless, I have the lastest firmware and this doesn’t solve the problem. :a


Do you have an other PC to try the disc in? The disc it self might be bad.

The version you bought/got are for PC, not for other platform.

Originally, when I bought the game, the disc wouldn’t work. So I returned it to the store and got another copy, and that one doesn’t work either. I’ve tried the drive in another system and the disc still doesn’t work. I’ve seen topics like this on this particular drive on this website and others, saying that certain DVDs won’t work with the drive. For instance; the Terminator 3 DVD movie disc works fine, but the accompanying special features disc doesn’t. I think the problem lies with dual-layer DVDs, but I’m unsure. I checked out this link to shine some light on the subject:

Oh yeah it’s definitely for PC

Do you have a friend close by with a different Drive that you could try it in? Maybe take it back to the store and have them test in their system and if it works, see which drive they are using or recommending.

Just as a side note, I’ve had a couple pressed DL movies that weren’t recognized by my Litey… popped them into my Pioneer and was able to archive them.

I don’t know whether this is a hardware or firmware limitation, but I haven’t experienced it since flashing MV9N way back when.

Yeah I might have to resort to bringing the drive back. I have tried it already in another system (can’t remember the DVD drive model) and the disc works fine, so there’s no issue there. Thanks for your help!

I’ve tried using all of the latter firmwares that I know about (MS0M, MS0N, MS0P, MV9N) but it makes no difference. I think that this is pretty shoddy workmanship from Lite-on, this DOES NOT do what it says on the tin!

So you say that since you flashed to MV9N, you haven’t had problems with the drive recognising discs? Can you remember if you changed any other settings along with that?