My LiteON saw the light?

Is my 32123s dead?

i was stupid, i htink you will agree. today i bought a 16x - 32x Cdrw and tried to write to it with clonecd 4317 trail version.
i got this error something ‘’ callibration error’’ some adress codes with that but icant remember them. so i thought okay new media tomorrow.

then i take it out and then put in some cdr and tried to burn. then i suddenly got htis error, from clonecd. cannot get acces alone, or some thing to that effect.

then i tried again, and then nothing, just that little cartoon of clonecd, where the cd keeps going into the drive.

now it doenst want to read any cd’s in windows explorer, it just brings up a blank window, nowthing inside.

all other programs see it fine, but my nero 5.5.72 just freeses on scanning ide busses.

i thought a Fw update would work, but still got the problems, now i got xsoz on it.

my pc is Xp pro , 8rda, 512 mb ram, seagate 120gb and 40gb.

what else do you need?

How can the media break and kill my cdrw if that is what it is?

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