My Liteon KProbe results, need some comments & advice please

Hey :wink:

I crossflashed my LiteOn 451s drive the other day & its now saying its an 832s, cool!

However, the quality of my burns has remained unchanged, I just cant make up my mind whether I need to get a new burner or not, & also what one!

Im not at all interested in burning speed, hell if I got better results at 1X then I would be prepared to wait, basically the only main importance is BURN QUALITY!! everything else is second… anyone recommend a drive? I first thought about the Pioneer 109 as the review on here looks promising, but then the NEC 3540 seems to throw up some nice KProbe results.

Here are some KProbe scans I did, I seem to get similar results on whatever media I choose.

(Ridisc) Ritek Extreme AAA+ 8x DVD-R (burned at 4x)


(Ridisc) Ritek G04 4x DVD-R (Burned at 4x)


(Datawrite Titanium Silver) TTG02 8x DVD-R (burned at 4x)


(Taiyo Yuden) TYG02 8x DVD-R (Burned at 4x)


(Datawrite) RicohJPN R01 4x DVD+R (burned at 4x)


The CMC MAG dye’s also produced very similar results…

Nothing is what I would call outstanding you know? even the Taiyo Yuden wasnt exactly stunning, unlike some of the results ive seen on this forum.

Any ideas? would I get better results with a new burner? (I know its hard to say) is the LiteON 451s known to be crap? its the only burner I have ever had so I dont know any better right now.

Appreciate any help or comments,

Nick :slight_smile:

Hi Nick, well your scans don’t look all that bad all you need to do is tweak the writing strats a bit. Run your crossflashed firmware through OmniPatcher, or MediaCodeSpeedEdit and apply different write strats to the media that you are currently using. If you want some suggested strat changes just browse through Changing DVD±R write strategies (results thread), and I’m sure you’ll find some good changes :bigsmile:.

If you are looking for another drive the NEC ND-3540 is your best bet ;).


Sorry I forgot to add that to my original post, those results are with the write strategies changed, well the Ritek one is at least as they are the only discs I have left to burn with.

I changed from Ritek G05 to the G06 strategy & yes it made a difference but not stunningly so…