My Liteon dvd-r rw wont play dvds

Please. I just installed the Liteon DVD±R/±RW drive and although it will burn dvds perfectly it will not play dvds,commercial or otherwise.The dvds begin but after a second or two i get the message the player has ran into a problem and must close.The drive will play cds and vcds.Also i have a tv card and it will not function either.i get the same message that it needs to close.The tv card worked perfectly before i installed the Liteon.I need help to remedy this problem please

Are you saying that your LiteOn even cannot read the DVDs it has burned ?

Try reading a DVD burnt by your LiteOn in another DVD-ROM drive. Also Nero CD/DVD speeds “transfer rate” tests can be useful. If you haven’t, download it from .

No my Liteon will not play any dvds, commerrcial dvds and all others not just the ones i burned(which by the way play perfectly in my stand alone dvd player)the dvd starts then the message comes up “the player has ran into a problem and must close” then the player shuts down and this is any player i try(WMP,RealPlayer,DVIX and the the PowerDVD that came with my Liteon.The Liteon drive plays perfectly audio cds and cds i have videos on.i’m at my wits end trying to figure this out.HELP!

have you set the region on the dvd drive yet ? if not, go to the drives properties and set the correct region

Yes i have checked the region setting.It is set on region one.I am in region one.Still dvds wont play.They start and even the first image shows on screen.Even Freezes there and a message shows player has encountered a problem and must close.

this sounds more like a software problem.

  1. IRQ conflict?
    control panel> system> device mgr>computer>
    did you check for “!” any conflicts?
    What irq’s your using (they’re listed)
    Sometimes pci slotted cards ( your tv card) conflict with other devices.

  2. try flashing your dvd-rw with the latest firmware.

  3. You didnt say which software you use to watch dvd’s…but try unitstalling the player and reinstalling it. do the same with the tv card software.

  4. Return the dvd as defective and try a new one.

Maybe one of the above willl get ya sorted…good luck m8

If i use the software that came with my Liteon DVD-R RW it freezes as soon as it opens.If iuse WMP or Real Player the dvd starts then the player shuts down after a message "the player has enountered a problem and must shut down.As for my tv video card i uninstall it and still get the same problem.

By the way when my friend installed the liteon he removed the DVD ROM and left the cd writer installed we were sure that we would not have any problem with the Liteon.I have to have help installing and plugging in hardware because i am handicapped.