My Liteon and the whole system is wacky

I have been playing around and flashed my Liteon LTR48246S to the new Memorex 52x drive. When I put a disk after the flash in CD Speed it was all screwed up. It showed a line at 40 instead of 80 minutes and then at the bottom it showed blanck and the size 258:18.30. So I flashed back to a Liteon48x but it has not helped and all of the disks using any drive on my system are all messed up. I tried it again and the length is 207:53.36.

Can anyone tell me what is going on. I checkedthe ASPI Layer and DMA and they were fine and I have noit a clue.

as far as I can recall it one of the forum’s mods had similar prob with those loony numbers in CD Speed.

I found the culprit. It was Alcohol 120%. I uninstalled it and the problem is gone. Took me long enough though.

The only thing is I really liked Alcohol 120%. It really screwed up more than CD Speed. It screwed up Liteon’s Smartburn 2.1 software and now that is fixed too.:confused: