My Liteon 812S reads only when it wants to!



My Liteon 812S read CD/DVDs only randomly. When u put a media in it just blinks a lot and then nothin. It started last week with 1 in 10 trys failure to 10 in 10 failures now. Winxp shows the drive as empty. It happens to all sorts of media frm CD, CDRW, CDR, DVD & DVDR. It used to work fine for the last six months. The only change i made last month was to add a new hard disk. I thought it had something to do with power so i unplugged the hdd but no improvement in the dvd-drive.

I hav a p4 3.2ghz with 512 ddr2 with winxp sp2



Kinda sounds like it could be the cable or the drive is dying - nothing much other than that can go wrong IMO-

I would change the cable and see if that takes care of the problem-

Also you may want to swap the power plug to another line from the power supply-

Good luck-



Could be that the drive is dirty, laser(s) are worn out. First thing I would try is either a cd/dvd drive cleaner, or at least spray some air in there and see if it makes any difference. If not, drive is likely failing.


Yo Rob-

I have read that using the drive laser cleaners that use the brushes can mess up the laser - also blowing air inside could stir up more problems than it solves IMO-



thanks guys

tried data cable…
tried another power line…
tried lens cleaner too…

but no use seems like i hv make a trip to get it replaced.

The only thing i hv to try is another pc and btw the problem has just got worse and now it wont read anything.

I seriuosly doubt power
do u think 350W is sufficient for the following config
p4 3.2 ghz
gigabyte i865pe chipset
segate 120gb SATA
nvidia geforce 5700LE
creative audigy 2
2 x 256mb ddr2

  • this drive &
    a segate 40gb



Newegg has a LiteOn 1693s (Retail) for $55 plus $.99 FedEx shipping from:

They also have a Thermaltake 420 watt power supply for $40 plus $.99 FedEx shipping-

The burner expires tonight and the power supply expires tomorrow-



I agree big mike. But he is already behind the 8-ball, so it couldn’t really hurt anything to try.