My Liteon 40125W seems to be slow



with nero (express); i burnt a 701MB cd in 5 mins @ 40x??

it kept emptying and filling the buffers, but DMA is enabled!

Also, another weird thing: the discs i used were cmc! but were certified for 40x burning (seen via nero and the smart burn utility)



4 errors (0.000%) with nero cd speed - seems very strange to me; is it?


now i have just burnt GTA3 play cd @ max (CCD)using the same media, and although the buffers stayed full thruoghout, the led changed from red to yellow throughout the burn.

it took 6mins 30secs.

is all this normal?:confused:

maybe smart burn doesn’t detect the correct speed for the media like OC suggested in the FAQ ?? :confused:


must be the media; a 4x burn of the insta;ll cd was fine.

Clone CD only offered a max of 24x but the smartburn utility said the CDrs were 40x and nero tried burning @ 40x…strange


It is the media as I have the 48x Liteon and one cd I burnt took about 4 minutes to burn, full 700 megs and another (again 700megs) was done in under 2 1/2 minutes using a different brand of media.