My LiteON 24102b is only HALF DEAD!

I’ve been reading other threads for 3 days b4 posting, so hopefully, this problem isn’t solved elsewhere, also, sorry it’s so long, but I wanted anyone who can help to know what I’ve already done!!!

My mate flashed his 24102b with the official liteon 5s5a.exe update, and it subsequently stopped reading CDs. It still appears in the bios, it still appears in the explorer tree, it just does nothing when CDs are put in it. I also own a 24102b (fw 5s57). I have read that fw using MktFlash a dozen times, and flashed my mates one with it quite a few times too. His drive simply spits out any CD you put in it, but stays closed when empty. If I reflash with the 5s5a, I’m back in square one.

I’m using MktFlash1.48, I’ve tried reading and writing fw’s from secondary master & secondary slave positions. The reading/writing report as sucessfull every time. I’ve even tried using my computer and his, incase the IDE controllers on one were having some weird effect.

I’ve read something about the jumper trick, but details seem a bit sketchy. I understand where the jumper is to go, but not when. Do I boot with it on then remove it, or do the whole flash with it on, then remove it? ALSO I cannot see any reference as to a particular IDE channel to put the drive on, OC-Freak at one stage referred to a “single secondary slave”. I’ve got my HDD on the primary, and I’ve tried reading and writing to both positions on the secondary channel, with no other drives present. In the good old days of firmware upgrades to remove region protection from DVDROMS, you did it through DOS, and there were VERY CLEAR instructions on what device it was to be. :frowning:

Help me, I’m going out of my mind.

where the jumper is to go, but not when. Do I boot with it on then remove it, or do the whole flash with it on, then remove it?

Yes, you have to flash the drive with it on and when it’s done just remove the jumper before rebooting.
Makes no difference which IDE channel your drive is on.

The rest is here

Good luck !

After I posted that message, I tried for no less than three hours. I put the jumper on with the power off, booted up, flashed the FW, turned the power off. Removed the jumper, booted up.

I found some old firmwares, I got 5s07, 5s54, 5s57, 5s59 and 5s5a (BIN files). I Flashed each one, and then tried it out. With 5s07, the light lit up Red, and stayed on, but the drive was able to read , (I wasn’t to confident in trying to burn with it). 54/57/59 all produced the same result, the drive would eject anything I put in it. 5a just put me back to the beginning again. I tried using the LiteOn 5s5a.exe updater over the top of each one after I had seen that it failed, hoping it would suddenly come good, to no avail. I also tried each FW, on IDE channels 2, 3 and 4.

Surely it cannot be dead if it still shows up in the BIOS and in windows. It reports itself as working properly, it just seems to think there is never a disc in there, even when there is. If I right click on the drive and say “open” it opens a new window with nothing in it.

C’mon all you CDFREAKS, don’t make me pay for a new burner:bow:

PLEASE HELP ME:bow: :bow: :bow:

If you boot up in DOS with cd-rom drivers. can you acess the drive then? does the burner eat the CD then? If so, I suspect virus in windows. if it is so on your own drive to.

Other wise I suspect faulty hardware. Not firmware.


Faulty hardware is the chief suspect, as news has come to light, that the burner was spitting out every CD before the firmware upgrade!!!

My mate has decided that for the $110 cost of a new LiteON 48x, stuff it, just leave the old one dead!!!

Cheers guys, this thread can be laid to rest.