My Lite-On's and CD Speed..?

First of all I’d like to apologize if I’m supposed to put this thread somewhere else (since it’s mostly about Nero’s CD Speed).

I am going insane here…

I have a Lite-On 32123S (XS0X)
I have a Lite-On LTN256 (YH0X)
I have a Lite-On LTD613D (GHR6)

I’ve done this test with a lot of different media and I’ve NEVER tried burning at a higher speed than the media was certified for.

My latest experience is this: I bought some Verbatim DataLifePlus 700 MB (40x) CD-R’s and when I burn something and later check it with CD Speed’s Scandisc feature, I get errors.

If I check it with the CDRW, I usually get no errors.
If I check it with the DVD, I usually just get very few or no errors.
If I check it with the CD-ROM, I get massive amounts of errors!

I’ve tried burning at different speeds and like I said, I’ve tried a lot of different CD-R brands but the results stay the same.

The errors I get are almost always just “damaged sectors” not “unreadable sectors” but I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

Will all my drives still install a game that I have burnt succesfully even though Scandisc reports “damaged sectors”?

And am I just supposed to accept that I will never get 100% error-free burns if I use Scandisc with anything else than the burner (I don’t trust the burners results in Scandisc cuz almost no one uses their CDRW to install stuff)?

I have tried Scandisc with a Toshiba CD-ROM as well and it, just like the Lite-On CD-ROM, reported a LOT of errors.

I have also tried Scandisc with a Hitachi DVD-ROM and it, just like the Lite-On DVD-ROM, reported a few or no errors.

What am I to make of this???

Please help me, I’m about to go haywire on my Lite-On burner. :frowning:

Verbatim DataLifePlus (=Mitsubishi) is not exactly the kind of media LiteOn writers like. It is good e.g. for Plextors, but not for LiteOns.

You should use Taiyo Yuden media.

Like I already said, I’ve used different types of media.

The batch I had before these Verb’s were Hewlett & Packard (24x) but when using CDR Media Code Identifier, they turned out to be Taiyo Yuden manufactured but I still got the same results!

Few errors with the DVD-ROM (both Lite-On and Hitachi), even less errors with the burner itself, and lots of errors with the CD-ROM (both Toshiba and Lite-On).

Originally posted by alexnoe
[B]Verbatim DataLifePlus (=Mitsubishi) is not exactly the kind of media LiteOn writers like. It is good e.g. for Plextors, but not for LiteOns.

You should use Taiyo Yuden media. [/B]

Actually no. Datalifeplus are by CMC magnetics.
Metal/Super azo are by mitsubishi.

My Verbatims are DataLifePlus SuperAZO and CDR Identifier says they are Mitsubishi.

Verbatim DataLife are CMC.
Verbatim DataLifePlus (with the blue bottoms) are Mitsubishi.

Conversation over.

Well, my problem hasn’t been solved so that conversation isn’t over. :wink:

Originally posted by JesusWasGay
Verbatim DataLife are CMC.
Verbatim DataLifePlus (with the blue bottoms) are Mitsubishi.


However, The conversation isn’t over.

If you are getting errors, perhaps you should try changing the drives around abit.

Possibly the cdrom or DVD is causing the cdwriter to write bad data to the disk, but more liekly, it’s just signalling errors in the cabling.

Try temporarily changing the mode of the cdrom and CDwriters etc to PIO4 to check whether it is abad implementation of DMA in one ofthe drives.

If it’s the problem, you can move the different drives to different chains an experiment.

Failing that, it could be buggy drivers in windows. Try updating your IDE drivers for the motherboard.

Also try some diferent media.
TY and CMC isn’t a comprehensive range of CD’s.

Some drives aren’t meant to do error checking. The results from a CD-RW drive are most trustworthy.

Well, if my CDRW is the only drive that will read the disc correctly, then what’s the point?
It’s not like I ever install software through my CDRW (and I’m not starting now).

I think you missed the point. Only you CDRW will be able to actually check the disc for errors correctly. CDROM and DVD drives often aren’t very high quality components.

CDRW has to be high quality or it doesn’t last long.

Hence onl;y the cdrw will be able to reliably check correctly for errors.

I’ve spoken a lot about my problems with alexnoe and he agrees that at least one of my four other drives should show the burned disc as errorfree.
I’ve come to the conclusion that either my drive is phucked up or that it’s EXTREMELY picky with media i.e. it will ONLY make an errorfree burn with Tayio Yuden discs (which still are not available anywhere in Scandinavia afaik).
I’m keeping the Litey for now (as paperweight or something) but I’ve already ordered a new burner…

And it’s not a Lite-On!

Think you are reading too much into the results. Dont worry about the actual amount of errors, only compare results for discs tested in the SAME reader. All your results show is that your cd roms are not very good readers - not that the discs are full of errors.There are better programmes than cd speed for determing the true (read) errors. In fact every disc that has ever been made or written has some read errors even though cd speed may say it is 100% ok . Read this for more info;

Drive Reading Speed (Kb/s) C2 error rate (%)
Plextor PX-40TS 5953.3 0.000030
TEAC CD-540E 5539.0 0.000105
LiteOn LTD-163 6484.1 0.000000
Philips DVDRW228 1693.6 0.000005
TDK CyClone 161040 2760.6 10.371526
LG GCE-8400B 4985.2 0.000003
CyberDrive CW078D 4629.0 43.254916
TEAC CD-W540E 5646.9 0.000000
YAMAHA CRWF1 5776.9 0.000000
ASUS CRW48616A 6296.8 0.000165
LiteOn LTR-48125W 5437.3 0.000000
LiteOn LTR-40125S 6327.7 0.000000
LiteOn LTR-32123S 5804.3 0.000000

These are some results of the same disc read in different drives, so if you had tested the disc in a cyberdrive you would say my writer is rubbish, i will have to order a new one - wrong more likely the cyberdrive is rubbish, and the ones showing low errors (notice the liteons) are good readers. (these results are from the link in previous post)

The Verbatim CD-R’s are great discs imo, and the only reason they are getting slashed is because they don’t work in Lite-Ons.
How that is Verbatims fault is beyond me.
In any case, I’ve tried a lot of different media and the discs aren’t errorfree even when I scan the burned disc with the burner.
I never or rarely get unreadable sectors but my latest burn reported over 35% damaged when I scanned it with the Lite-On CDRW.
I refuse to use a writer that is limited to one media (as it seems to be after my tests).

I give in, waste your money then, some people ask questions and apparently have made thier mind up already and are not prepared to listen to any answers given. If you took the time to read the article at cdr info you will see there is no such thing as an error free disc. And as to verbatims they constantly give higher read errors than ritek or taiyo discs whatever the writer again there are alot of tests to demonstrate this at

I’d rather listen to alexnoe’s experiences and advice over yours.
I think he might have a bit more knowledge in this department than you, thank you very much and have a nice day.