My Lite-On SOHW-1673S DVD/CD-R burner wont read CD-Rs

I had my DVD burner for about a solid year now with no problems made 100s of CDs and DVDs fine.

Now however it won’t read any CD-R or CD-Roms. DVD work fine playing and burning. But when I put a CD-R in it it just trys to load it for awhile then just stops and acts like nothing is inside the drive.

Its not the CD-R media im using because just last week I used these same pack of CDs and it worked fine.

I went to the lite-on site and updated the firmware…used a cd drive device but still nothing.

I really don’t want to buy a new drive.

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Unfortunately it sounds like the CD laser is bad, which means time for a new drive. If the DVD part of the drive works ok that pretty well rules out out a software or computer problem. You can try your drive in another computer to make sure.

yeah, i still have the 48x cd burner that came with my cpu, so i just put that back in…so now I have a drive just for cds and I use this one for the dvds.

Thanks anyway.

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I have the same model Lite-On DVD/CD-R drive, and it’s doing the same thing that your drive is doing (tries to load and then quits). It won’t work with any CD (blank, burned, store bought music). The DVD part still works.

I was burning a couple of CDs of data, and the drive croaked on the 2nd CD while in mid-burn. It’s 14 months old, and I haven’t used it a lot.

My Plexor CD drive still reads and writes OK. So, I think I’ve lost the functionality for CD processing on the Lite-On, but I can still perform CD functions on my PC.