My LITE-ON SHW-1635S DVD-R/RW running slow

Please help …
I have been copying DVDs and writing onto new media using my LITE-ON SHW-1635S without any problem till yesterday when I spoiled new media with write error (I dont remember what was the error). Today, I was using DVD Shrink 3.2 (as usual) to copy one new DVD into my hard disk, it gave data error. I also noticed that typical alalysis and encoding was taking time alomost 5/6 times more than usual. On doubt, I tried to play the DVD using DVD player software like InterActual or Power DVD or Widows Media player, the video started appearing broken and slow, as if it is running in slow progressive mode. Sound also was broken and matching with its video speed. Next I tried to play normal audio CD, songs was appearing broken as if I am playing old LP disk with cut-and-hiss sound in regular interval. This much I can tell you that, suddenly the speed (rpm) of DVD player is somehow is slower than usual. That’s why it took long time in DVD Shrink or Writing DVD (using Nero) and failed with error; also this is the cause of breken video and audio.
Is there anybody who faced similar situation before? If “Yes” is there anyway to resolve this problem? …[My desktop is eMachines 64-bit Athlon, 2GHz 1.37GB Memrory with Windows XP SP2, with a lots of GB of disk space]

it’s prolly set to pio

Yes it’s possible that Windows has reset the transfer mode to PIO because of the write error.
Look at this thread to cure it.

Thanks a lot for the help … It worked like charm … now no speed problem

Thanks to El_Mariachi_x and TimC