My lite-on and Alcohol

i made a back up of Lord of the rings pc with alcohol version 1.3.5
but when i updated to the new version it said that i could not make a backup with this cdr drive i have a LTR-48125s so why
could i do it with the older version and not the new version

Does the old backup work?
I think no, because it is securom 4.83. With the new version of alcohol you can make a working backup using DPM to read and RMPS to write.

and yes i have a backup that works and i have tried to do make a backup of a backup as above and it tells me the same
but it as to have a crack ok
so i have made a copy of the copy and tried it on a friends pc and it works i have also downloaded the update and a new crack and it works fine so why do it say on new version i can not copy the copy as i could with older version

Oh, it works because you have it cracked. Well, this forum can’t give you assistance to illegal copies :cop:

what i said is in the new version it says i cannot make a copy
with this cdr drive but in theold version it would not say anything just copy so i tried to copy the copy i had already made and it said the same so why all of a sudden can i not make a backup

Only rarely can a working securom supernew copy be copied successfully though it is often possible if the original bwa or mds file has been retained.

However, it is even rarer for it to be legal to do so and since you have also been talking of cracks in this thread, I seriously doubt that this is one of those rare occasions.

Thread closed. :cop: