i heard it’s possible to flash an older lite-on drive and turn it into newer one, i own a lite-on 1693s drive and i was wondering if it’s really the drive it claims to be or just an older drive on the inside.

first of all, my lite-on drive came preinstall on my new custom builted pc, of course i didn’t built my pc, the shop did, so there’s no way i could tell if it’s really a lite-on 1693s since i’ve never got the chance to see the drive being freshly taken out of it’s box, i’m worried about weather or not those guys at the shop flash an older drive like a 1653 and turn it into the 1693s drive, then charge me for the full price.

please help me, is there some way i could tell if my 1693s drive is the real thing or just a older drive in disguise?

It is [B]impossible[/B] to turn a 1653 into a 1693.
It is [B]only possible[/B] to turn a 1673 into a 1693.
Why would he do such a thing??? Drives are so cheap todays.
If you want to make sure, just take the drive out of your case and read what is written on it ??!!

i live in hk, it’s a very different place here, period

so how do i know if my drive is really a 1693s?

i cannot open my pc, doing so will void my warrenty, as i said, i like in hk, that’s china.

If he did an eeprom mod, than you can’t know unless your drive still has the sticker on it!!!
If he just crossflashed it, than all you have to do is download the latest official firmware and flash your drive. If it still works after that it means that either it is the good drive, or he did the eeprom mod!!! (period)

[B] coolaid [/B] You worry to much (period) You drive is a original 1693S (period) :slight_smile:

reason why i got so worried:

i bought this in hk, it cost 300 hk dollars

trans into us currency, it’s be something like:

70 dollars u.s

and for it’s price it’s consider cheap here, want ot know how much my gefore 6600 costs when i bought it in feburary this year?

my geforce 6600: 160 dollars u.s

don’t believe me if you don’t want, but before anyone decides to call me a liar, make sure you’ve been to hk in the last couple of years and know what you’re saying, otherwise don’t.

that’s why i was so concerned over the drive, i pay for the price of a 1693s and i think i should have a 1693s not a older flashed drive.

I have yet to find any difference between a 1693s and a 1673s flahsed to a 1693s. as far as I know only the 1673s can be flashed to a 1693s (and vice versa though why you would…)