My LG4163B not keen on -R media

My 4163B prefers +R media and doesn’t get near other scans for -R media in this forum (maybe others also have burns like this but don’t post?). PIF’s are fine but PI’s are much greater than others here especially @ 8x where a pronounced jump in PI’s occurs at the speed change from 6x to 8x. Media examples are MCC003 & MCC02 (both Verbatim - made in Taiwan) and unbranded TYG02 (certainly not 2nd rate). One of the reasons I purchased 4163B was for quality scans but only seems to produce top quality on +R. I have included a Lite-On burn of TYG02 to show that there is nothing wrong with that media. The Lite-On burns TYG02 much better than 4163B in PI’s. Any ideas? Have I just got a poor example of 4163B compared to others here? I know that transfer test is OK and am interested in comments why PI’s might be high for -R media.
1st burn MCC003/A103 @ 8x
2nd burn MCC02/A103 @ 8x
3rd burn MCC02/A105 @ 6x
4th burn TYG02/A105 @ 8x
5th burn TYG02/Lite-On @6x (for comparison)
nb 4th & 5th burn from same batch of TYG02 (consecutive disks)

PI is always higher on -R media. I don’t see much to worry about here, they are all acceptable discs. Quality scores are all identical.

Thanks for the advice. Is higher PI on -R media particular to 4163B though as my Lite-On has very low PI on -R media. Lite-On was also considered to be better with +R media. Previous burns on MCC02 media with the LG @ 6x resulted in much higher PI. This has reduced somewhat with A105 firmware @ 6x but higher PI @ 8x than earlier firmwares, esp A103 - go figure! Maybe more work needs to be done with LG firmware as Lite-On obviously has made some progress with their firmwares. I guess if they were all perfect, we wouldn’t need a forum like CD Freaks :smiley:

There’s really nothing wrong with your scans. Most burners will produce higher PI on -R than +R, but it’s media-dependant. The point is that your scans are well within spec and should not cause any trouble. Stick to TY if you want ultra-low error rates.

Thanks, have recently found reliable on-line supplier for TY -R media so will continue with that for now. Pity they don’t stock +R TY as i wouldn’t mind trying that - very hard to get here in OZ. I’ll leave the cheap media to the CD Freaks having fun trying to out do each other - LOL.

The Verbatim (MCC) will also work very well for you. You’ll also find that the scans improve as the LG breaks in.

All less than 250 total PIF’s, 0.01 to 0.02 average PIF. Based on the scans alone, such results are considered excellent to perfect. Small differences are always there between different drives and different media. Pioneer writers are probably best to get lowest PIE’s on most types of DVD-R media, but even that’s a minor difference (compared with drives tradically consdered weak with DVD-R media.)

In Australia jpldisplays can sell MCC 03 Verbatim 8x +R inkjet printable media for A$37.90 per spindle of 50. These burn nicely at 12x on the 4163/5163 drives. In fact they’re one of the few discs LG trusts enough to burn above the rated speed.

I used to buy TY -R, which also worked fine, but prefer Verbatim and the price is compellingly lower now - $20 less per spindle of 50 8x media. But in general I would agree that my LG seems happier with +R media than with -R.

Perhaps TY media can become as competitive as MCC media if TY also decides to transfer most of their productions in other East Asian countries like China.

LG trusts some Japanese media.

JPL Displays is where I sourced TY media. They must have recently reduced price of MCC003 as they were $44.95 per 50 last week. I have gone to TY as I found MCC has more variation in quality throughout a stack with more wastage which tends to negate the lower price. I mainly burn for archival purposes and am looking for quality and consistancy. Locally bought MCC003 I have tried were made in Taiwan and I presume this is where JPL MCC003 are from. Burn speed not such an issue for me - don’t really need 12x although I have had high quality burns at that speed with MCC003.

Does this mean that the LG has learning function like LiteOn or that the hardware merely improves its burn capability after a time? I found LiteOn learning function not always reliable and was one reason I bought an LG (which was much more reasonably priced than a BenQ 1640 that I considered at that time).

@ kenshin
Thanks for your thoughts. It is interesting though that PI jumps greatly when LG hits 8x with -R but does not do this with my LiteOn or on other scans with same media by other members - maybe they are hiding them :wink: