My LG story

Hi everyone!

I have a feeling this post is going to be of a considerable length, so be prepared.

I bought a 4163B in april last year. It worked fine, i was very pleased with the drive. One day i tried to copy the contents of 2 DVDs (which i can’t remember if they were written by the same drive). Anyway, it was “trying” hard to copy, it took around an hour and a half if i’m not mistaken. The funny thing is that during the copying procedure it was doing a very loud seek. The laser head moved so many times that the rails and everything else got so hot, i could smell burning… :eek:
Thing is, i can’t remember if it was from this day forth that the drive, in my opinion (can’t say 100% sure, as it could have been that i started noticing some things only after closly observing it, as i felt bad for the “torture” it had to endure), that the DVDs i burned with it were droping in quality. No matter if i burn them at 2.4X or 16X, it has a hard time with some DVDs it writes. With data only sometimes, but with .avi for example, it does kinda the same violent seek. The .avi files eventually start, they run slow for a few seconds but they are viewable, at least on this drive.
I wrote some DVDs at a very low speed for someones laptop (an old Samsung drive that is not what you would call a performer) and some clips worked, some didn’t. Neither copying or direct viewing. On the 4163 they worked eventually.

So, because my HDDs were getting full as i postponed backups until i got a new drive, i decided to buy a new one. I read some CD Freaks reviews and took some notes. I needed it fast, so i didn’t order the drive i wanted (a Benq 1655), instead went out to buy one. The shops in my area could bring most of the drives in “a few days”, with the exception of the Asus 1608P3S, which they all had in stock. Anyway, i didn’t exactly want the Asus, but neither an LG, which only one shop had on stock besides the Asus. I couldn’t find anything else, so i bought exactly what i didn’t want to buy : an LG. A H10N. It was on the list to be honest. The only LG on the list.

So, it’s a little different. It’s not as quiet. It revs up the DVDs quite high, but it doesn’t annoy me. I burned a couple of DVDs with data, and they worked great in both drives (i forgot to mention that the 4163 did work just fine with pressed DVDs or with DVDs wirtten by other drives). So i had some TV episodes that needed to be burned… It kinda does the same thing if i try to watch them directly… Some files at least… It’s not nearly as violent and doesn’t take as long as it did on the old drive, but it’s there. Copying works without any problems, and it’s considerably faster than the 4163.
So, all i want to know is if this is normal. I’m using different media, from different manufacturers. DVDs written mostly at 4X. I can’t help feel that i bought another drive and the old 4163B was working, probably just needed some oiled tracks, which i did. To be honest, they work. The H10N works better, and although it does the same thing, it’s less accentuated. I also have my doubts that the 4163 is working the same since that incident i mentioned.

You people must know much more than me, so please, enlighten me. is this “the way of the LG” or am i unlucky? Everybody says LG has solid performers and the bang for the buck, but i am again, dissapointed by them…

No one? :frowning:

I think you just had bad luck with the 4163B. But why would you want to burn slowly? 16x media is optimized for higher speeds (8x, 12x, 16x). 16x media burned at 2x or 4x will give bad results.

There is another member on here (headquarter84) who had a heck of a time with his 4163B…a lot of problems.

However, I agree with kg_evilboy in that you had bad luck with yours also, as mine (and quite a few other members’) 4163Bs have been solid and quality performers.

Some of us even say the drive’s a legend :wink:

I can’t speak for newer LGs though, as I only have the 4163 and 4167.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems, though :frowning:

Hello MindBlank. I own the 10N and have no problems whatsoever. You do hear the initial spin up of the drive but there is no violent seeking in this drive as you mention. I can actually hear the case fans spinning while it is writing. It produces excellent burns when quality media is used. It even burns poor media with decent quality. Could you please tell what firmware you are using and also show some TRT and Quality scans with this drive. To me it sounds like it is having troubles due to poor media quality. It may be a bad drive, but without some scans it is hard to tell. I also own a 10L, which is basically the same drive, and don’t notice any seeking in that drive either.

I will try different media, and also DVD+R, as i’ve mainly used DVD-R until now.

4163B has some violent seeking on some DVDs it writes. The H10N does seek, but it’s, like i said, not violent. However, i can hear the drive. My unit is on my desktop and the drive is only half a meter away, that is why i can hear everything it does. It’s not like i can hear the drive 2 meters away…

To be more exact : Both kinda seek before oopening any media. It’s a very low profile seek. However, on some DVDs written by the 4163, some media opens very slowly and i hear a more violent seek going on. This media is the kind that some old DVD drivers (like that Samsung on the laptop that i’ve mentioned about) don’t even touch. The same violent seek on this media, but less pronounced, is also on the H10N, which is somewhat logical as the DVD is written poorly by the 4163B.

Firmware : I’m using A105 for the 4163B and the H10N came with JL10.

I’m doing some quality tests, or more exctly, i’m trying to do. I’m using the latest Nero CD-DVD Speed version, but when i go to the Disc Quality tab, the Start button is grayed out. Anyone have any ideea why?

LG drives don’t support quality scanning, unfortunately :sad:

Perhaps you have a LiteOn or BenQ tucked away somewhere?

:eek: x 10

What? Oh man, i had no ideea. No, unfortunately i don’t have another drive that can read DVDs…

You should be able to do a transfer rate test from the Benchmark window, though. Those are better than nothing at all!

Hehe, now you know why some of us have more than one drive - to cover for each drive’s weaknesses!

Here are some read tests.

Sounds like the disks have some kind of read errors on them that the drive is trying to correct. That is why you hear the constant seeking. The TRT scan on that disk looks fine. Did you hear the constant seeking on that disk?

If someone can correct me, I thought that factory firmwares were riplocked on the 10 series drives without applying the MCSE patch?

H10N and H10L read DVD+/-R at 16x with stock firmware.

I’m even more confused because according to this :

it should be locked at 10x. Hitachi firmware isn’t locked for DVD+/-R reading but he’s using standard LG firmware.


While copying or benchmarking it keeps the disk at a constant rotation, there is no seek, no slowdowns or anything if the DVD is properly written. That’s why i find it weird. The seek is noticeable when accesing .avi files in particular.

Yes, i’m using stock firmware for the H10N.

you should know better, it’s a typo in LG’s website.
compare the H10N and H10A specs and you’ll see that they’re the same, and you know they’re not.
10x is the speed for the H10A. the H10N/L read DVD+/-R at 16x.

MindBlank, i don’t know if this will solve any problems, but why don’t you update to the latest firmware JL11 ?

could it be some issue with those particular .avi files you’ve got ?

I really don’t think a newer firmware will fix the problems, if indeed there are any. It hasn’t fixed for my 4163B so why would it fix anything for the H10N?

And about the .avi files, no, there’s nothing in particular with them. Besides we’re talking about different .avi files, over months of usage.

I just burned a Philips DVD+R and it does the same.
Some .avi files (they’re documentaries) work fine, some work really slow. Burned at 8x.
I tried to cpoy the contents of the DVD to the HDD and it worked perfectly. No slowdowns or anything.

I don’t know. I said i had it with LG and i still bought another drive from them. Doesn’t anyone else experience this problem? How could i have 2 defective drives, that have the same symptoms? It’s a little far-fetched…

Philips DVD+R can be anything. Ritek, CMC, MCC… :frowning:
What about trying a recommended Verbatim disc?

That’s what i write on usually and it does the same :frowning:

Hey, what if it’s because of Nero?

I’m using which is pretty old. I’ve never thought about this. I’ve been using this one for ages. Maybe there’s something wrong with it and LG drives.