My LG GWA-4164B Won't recognize a Blank dvd disc

Can anyone please offer some advise on what can be the problem with my LG GWA-4164B dvd/cd rewriter is. I can burn things to cd fine and USED to be able to do the same with dvd’s. But now for quite some time whenever i get to the stage of burning to dvd, upon inserting a blank dvd disc nothing happens my drive dosn’t detect it claiming no disc is inserted, yet it finds blank cd’s fine. Please ANYONE helpppppp!!! Step by Step guide appreciated as i’m not that tech minded with the jargon.

Thanks anyone for trying!!!

The drive has one laser for CD and one laser for DVD. The DVD laser might be dead.
Can the drive still read burned or pressed DVDs ? Can you try the drive in another PC ?

I’ve just tried inserting a burned mp3 disc and casino royal it finds niether but yet can read my orig dvd games fine namely dawn of war - dark crusade.

Is there maybe a test you know off to see if it is the laser?


Boot from a bootable CD and DVD and also check the discs when booted up into SAFE MODE.