My LG-GSA5160



Joined the forum after buying this burner. I got my LG GSA-5160D from Futureshop. This is my first DVD Burner, I have tried Memorex DVD+R and DVD+RW (I thought they would be compatible with more DVD Players, I was wrong…coz I am new to this whole thing).

Learning curve is steep and hard to climb. So far I have corrupted 1 DVD+RW (from 5 i bought), Corrupted 7 DVD+R (Successfully burned 5). I have 13 new DVD+R Left. I guess Memorex aren’t so good after all.

My Burning habits:
Used Nero…and corrupted lots of disks. While burning it seems to work. After the initial burn, it stops progressing. The time goes on and on, and the burn says 100% (Sometimes, mostly it remains less than 100%). It shows time left 0:00…total time increases…it never prompts me with the COMPLETED window…it doesn’t finish even when I leave it on for the whole night.

I switched to Record Now Max…it seems too burn smoothly. When I want to burn Mp3 disks…it does not detect the drive (firewire connection).


So far nero only corrupted 1 DVD+RW from the 5 i burned. InCD seems to work fine. The one corrupted had the sameproblem as above. While erasing it never finishes the process. In the end I had a scratch on the disk…complete circle. I returned that DVD Drive and now I am using the new one.

I am not sure what is wrong as I am new to this whole thing. It seemed to me that it was nero. It also seemed to be my computer which has only 256 MB ram. Your suggestions will be awaited.

I kept it because I thought I might get the problems solved soon. If I do not do better before this DVD Spindle runs out, or before the 30 days return time expires, I am going to return it and wait for more drives to come to the market. So far I like all of its reviews.

I am not sure what media is best for this thing.

So far I have managed to flash the firmware for the bridge…am looking out for more tweaks.


You can find some of the most appropriate media for GSA-5160D here.

Memorex is neither good or bad when it comes to media quality because Memorex is not a real media company. You have to judge it by the information who makes the media actually. With Memorex brand media, they use too many different makers so it could be just luck. has some Taiyo Yuden DVD media.

Did you return one GSA-5160 already and got another GSA-5160?

Drive making scratches to a DVD+RW disk, sounds very strange to me. Picture please. :slight_smile:


Yes, I already returned that. Here is what happened.

I bought it at Future shop, got 1 spindle of DVD+R and 5pack DVD+RW.

Went home all excited. Tried burning the DVD+RW to practice, with the thought I can erase it and write again and again. It never finished burning…it was getting late so I went to bed. Next morning after about 6 hours…it was still the same…has not finished burning. I took out the DVD after rebooting the PC. Looked at the DVD. There was a thin circular line…just like a scratch. I know I did not make that, as it was a perfect circle. It wasn’t there before as I had inserted it right after I unpacked it and looked at it to see how shiny it was.

It was not the sign of a burning process, as I know how a burned region CD looks different from the unburned region. There is usually a border between the burnt and unburned part.

I went back and returned the next day…with the DVD+RW (they never gave me another DVD+RW). I still have the second new LG GSA burner, it never made any marks like the earlier one.

Thank you for your pointers.


Sorry, but rewritable media always make problems even with experienced reviewers. The “circle” was probably nothing to worry about. But since you have already returned the first drive, no need to discuss it any longer. DVD disks do not look exactly like CD disks after and before burning. DVD+RW disks also work differently from DVD+R/-R disks. When rewritable media seem to have defects, it could be replaced easily from resellers even though rewritable media are not replaced according to the same resellers. Better use Verbatim or Mitsbubishi brand DVD+RW media only for better quality and better service. RW media made by Nanya and Princo make a lot more errors than RW media made by Mitsubishi and Ricoh.


As for the +R disc, the 4x +R Memorex you got from FS was probably CMC MAG.F01 which isn’t particularly good. For DVD+R discs FS sells the BenQ 8X +R (Daxon AZ2) are very good. Not as good as MCC or TY but still among the better media. They’re also not prone to turning into coaster, and the reviews (on FS’s site and others) it’s getting show they are performing quite solidly. The best thing is (currently) if you buy a box of 200, the unit cost is just $0.30CDN per discs before tax. Note, I’m not sure about the current firmware, but past firmware revisions for the 5160/4160 are only able to burn the AZ2 at 8x.

As for other disc Futureshop sells here are the good and bad list:

Apple (Maxell)


Brands with good and bad depending on batch supplier.
Fuji (generally good but there have been poorer batches from cheaper suppliers)

Of course there are many other places for media (and for cheaper) if you don’t mind buying from smaller retailers and/or paying shipping.


Hm… Is Apple Maxell still more expensive than real Maxell?


Yes, by a lot. At Futureshop (big electronics retailer so prices are generally high), a 5 pack of Apple 2x DVD-R cost $29.99 CDN while a 15 pack (the smallest pack available) Maxell DVD-R cost $17.99 CDN. Apple must think their nice white grey package is worth a lot. It’s not just FS, in almost every store I’ve seen that sells Apple branded media (and it’s no wonder why not many sell it), it’s always a substantial premium over Maxell and MCC media (manufacturers that have made Apple branded discs).


Maybe Apple thinks they are adding more value by putting the Apple logo… by the way, Apple 23-inch LCD monitor is more expensive than LG’s even when the Apple is based on LG panel… both are too expensive anyway though. :slight_smile:

Mitsubishi and Taiyo Yuden seem to be doing great job these days. They are providing good media at good prices for many people who want exactly that.