My LG-GSA-H20L is really driving me crazy!

I bought this burner a few months ago (end of March) and it really worked fine with absolute no probs until 2-3 weeks ago. At first I was getting some coasters with Nero (Track following error stuff) using Verbatim 16x, DVD+R, MCC 004. I thought maybe it was a bad batch while this one was about to finish so I thought that the discs at the bottom were defective or sumth. So I bought a brand new 50pcs cakebox but didnt open it right away. The problems kept appearing also with coasters on my CD-Rs (TDK CD-R80 burned always at 16x). The problem grew even bigger with my DVD-Rs not even be recognized by the drive most of the times. Tried blank discs from my almost finished batch and the brand new one I bought recently and I would say that 1/10 of the discs were recognized by the drive. So I thought it was time to flash the drive with the new 1.01 firmware at the LG website which I did today. But again the solution seems it wasnt there. So now I am at a point where :

  1. The drive hardly recognizes a blank DVD+R Verbatim 16x, MCC004
  2. However it does recognize already burned DVDRs either Verbatim or ANY
    other brand (Using always Nero Info Tool)
  3. It did recognized a totally noname blank DVD-R with media code MXL RG01
  4. It does recognize blank CDRs - and 9/10 of the time, burns them too
  5. I havent managed to burn a DVD since I got trouble in recognizing them

Shall I take the drive back to LG for a replacement??
Or is it that I’m so unlucky that those 2 cakeboxes have defective discs?

PS Since I bought the drive I have always sticked to those media - Verbatim for DVDs and TDK CD-R80 for my CDRs.



Cmon guys !!! Anyone any suggestions ???


if you have the drive on the latest firmware and DMA is on, then i would suggested RMA the drive

Yes, I updated the firmware to 1.01 yesterday and as far as I can tell DMA is fine. I was thinking to test some other brand’s blanks to see whats happening and if it still fails to recognize them I will take it back to the shop and ask for a replacement. Then Im seriously thinking buying an extra BenQ 1650 while I wait for the replacement…

Bought this afternoon some other brand DVD blanks to see if they are recognized.
Just managed to burn successfully a QConnect disc (media code YUDEN000,T02 ???) which is at 8x speed. The others were Intenso and Imation (16x) and they were not even recognized by the drive. Do you think that updating the firmware made things worse ???

Same kind of problem here.
Bought the H20L two days ago, no go at 16x with Verbs DVD-R 16x (MCC03RG20).
Brought it back today to the local store, the guy tested it with 8x Platinums and succeeded 2 times in a row.
Very funny… okay, at 8x I don´t have any problems with the burner, both the Platinums and the Verbs are doing fine then.
If I start a test-burn with Nero or Imgburn at 16x… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t.
Maybe I do have faked Verbs here? Who knows?

checked it now against my “old” 4167 - the “good old one” burns the Verbs at 16x without any problems.
So… I think… both of our H20L are defective, in some ways.

Download dvdidentifier and put a disk in your drive and see if all the write strategies are avalable for your media.

If all the write strategies are shown, are you using the latest version of Nero 6.xx or 7.xx?

You can try burning with the latest version of imgburn 2.x.x.x. and imgtool classic (for making image), all freeware.