My LG GSA-4163B is bumming me out!

I have installed this drive on my machine after reading all the positive reviews I can’t understand why I get an error when I attempt to back up even old DVD movies using DVD shrink.

When I click “Full BackUp” DVD Shrink seems to go into its routine but then an error message pops up. Stating something about Copy portection error and device I/O??? Does anyone know how to correct this? I have searched online and have found no common issues…

If I can’t back up my old DVD’d with the GSA-4163b then it is getting marched right back to the store!!!


My LG GSA-4163B is bumming me

:slight_smile: never heard that one before :slight_smile:

looks like the disc uses copy protection, nothing to do with the burner

I have tried other DVD titles and still get the same error. They rip fine in my laptop burner…

I know it is strange, but I am starting to think that I have got a bum unit…

Go to and try AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Also try the drive in another PC.

Ok…Will try the Slysoft software.

But is this issue just an anomaly? The drive can rip DVD’s right? Has anyone gotten it to work with DVD Shrink?

Thanks for the help!

If you have Nero software, you need to go to the options tab in DVDSHRINK, and uncheck NERO. That will definately cause the problem that you are stating.

What version of DVD Shrink are you using? 3.2 is out now and I’d recommend using that - haven’t had any issues with it. Just as a side note, DVD Shrink is particular and loves freshly defragged hard drives for the best speed results. :slight_smile: So that is something to consider if your speeds seem to slow down while using it or it seems slow from the get go.

Thanks everyone for the input! Harley sorted it out for me with the ole “enable burning with nero” option.

It seems to work fine now! Strange how ever that the burner in my laptop has no problem ripping with the nero option enabled. Perhaps this is because I have flashed the firmware and made it region free? Who knows…

Thanks again for the help with the LG… :slight_smile: