My LG 52X32X52 and burning on CD-RW

I have the above mentioned burner, and i have Memorex 12X certified media (highspeed) and my burner will only burn them at 10X. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? My Lite-On 48X12X48 burns them at 12X so I dont know what the problem is.


Ok this drive is really retarted, it burns 12X rated at 10X, and burns 10X rated (sony) at 12X…really screwed up…

Your drive is choosing the speed based on how it was programmed. It was programmed to write to the Memorex media at only 10x because the Memorex media is poor quality, which I say from personal experience. I’m not the only one who has found that it is bad. I haven’t actually used the Sony discs, but I would guess that the drive is programmed to write them at 12x because they are good enough to handle 12x.

BTW, my LTR-52327Ss do the same think; Memorex 12x discs are limited to 10x, but I can burn some 10x discs at 12x.