My LG 4163B won't burn DVDs in Win98SE



I’ve tried with both CloneDVD and Nero and when it goes to write it says “burn process failed”. I’ve also noticed that sometimes in Windows it says the disc has data on it (sometimes it says it’s an audio CD) even though I know it’s blank (tried a variety of DVDs of different brands with the same result).

The weird thing is that it seemed to be working at first, I burned a few DVDs and then all of a sudden I had this problem. I’m running Win 98SE.


what firmware? also unistall ide channels, make sure DMA is selected and you have an aspi layer installed


Umm, how do I check the firmware version? I don’t know what an IDE channel is or how to uninstall it, nor what an aspi layer is… DMA is selected though.

And I thought I knew something about computers. :sad:


go in device manager and delete everything under ide ata/atapi controllers and reboot the pc, for firmware version, use discinfo


It says my firmware version is DL11. I don’t seem to have “ide ata/atapi controllers” in my device manager.


First you have to update your Nero!
ASPI instalation is not necessarily because Nero comes with its own.


That can’t be right. LG GSA-4163B writers have firmware versions of the form A1xx. The GSA-4167B writer has firmware version of the form DLxx. Are you sure you don’t have a 4167B instead?


Oops, you’re right it’s 4167B.

I’m using Nero Express 6 (it was bundled with the drive I think), do I really need to update it? I didn’t think that was the problem, CloneDVD had the same problem and even Windows Explorer seems to think the DVDs aren’t blank.


Update to Nero I can only get better.


It can’t hurt to update Nero 6 to as chef suggested (but NOT to Nero 7 - buggy and requires a separate license besides). It is possible some older versions of Nero 6 won’t work correctly with the drive and that may improve with the update to

I’m not sure about CloneDVD but viewing the contents of a blank DVD with Windows explorer is totally pointless - explorer is incapable of browsing blank discs and will always give you some kind of error. You cannot check if a disc is blank that way. It is not the same as checking if a floppy disc is blank.

Other than that, if you can check in Device Manager if your 4163B is detected correctly under Win98 (and that there are no device conflicts with it), I cannot think of anything much else to try. I have never used any DVD writer under Win98 so I don’t know how well they work under it, or even if they will work under it.