My LG 4163B is Made in China



Bought one today… March 2005 manufacture with 1.03 firmware on it… it’s made in China which came as a mild surprise, LG being a Korean company after all.


Most of Samsung and LG optical drives are produced in China. What LG and Samsung make mostly inside South Korea are LCD panels, memory chips, and mobile phones. Optical drives, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, and most other things are not profitable enough anymore to justify domestic production at very high cost.


I think it’s lousy that so many companies took away their domestic jobs and gave them to foreign nations.


Both LG and Samsung are global by now. More than half of the companies are owned by non-Korean nationals. Most of their markets are also outside South Korea. Most factories and employees are, too. It also helps to help China to have more jobs and grow economically to stabilize East Asia. Remember what happened when only the few on earth had money and guns?

It also helps South Koreans to “take away” factories and jobs because even land for building homes and roads isn’t enough and insane traffic for both people and things costs literally over 100 billion in USD every year. Productions of steel, oil, automobile, clothes, rice, and many other things should be moved to cheaper places as well.

South Korean government has priority strategies. HDTV is one of South Korea’s strategic product technology because it promises trillions of dollars of future market so LG and Samsung build LCD and plasma plants spending billions every few month. ODD isn’t that important.


If people were willing to pay $90 for a burner instead of $45, they could make them “domestically”.

We’re cheap - we want everything for as little money as possible. The consequence is that manufacturers want to make things for as little cost as possible in order to maximize their profit (or to achieve any at all). DVD burners could be made by hand in Ohio by workers making $50 an hour if we were willing to pay $300 a burner.


For the record, ODD makers hardly make any money by making DVD writers. Even the one making the most number of DVD writers and CD/DVD drives, LG, has just a little over 2 billion (in USD) sales in a year. Wonder how much it takes to run all the factories around the world and to spend on workers and development and marketing…? Compared to that, it takes much less to produce phones and LCD panels to get the same 2 billion. Yamaha and Ricoh couldn’t survive in this harsh market. The reason why companies like LG goes on making DVD writers and DVD players even when it doesn’t make much business sense is that the market leaders in CD and DVD devices could also have a better chance on future consumer and PC storage devices as a whole. Toyota can’t be Toyota without having all of the components to make a decent car at least available to them at reasonable costs. So companies motivated by short-term profits can’t stay long. If Yamaha continued to make CD and DVD drives, they would now be facing competitions from LG, Samsung, Lite-On, and other Taiwanese makers that offer drives at US$10 per unit. The more they sell, the more they lose.

Though I personally still think LG should have concentrated on semiconductors, not ODDs. :slight_smile: (LG sold its semiconductor business to Hyundai several years ago.)


Most companies make new factories in China, because the salaries are very low and the workers have no rights. I see that most of you are satisfied with this.
Congratulations :frowning:


There is a lot to be said about this, but better not turn a technology forum into a political debating club.


As long as the subject remains about DVD burning, it’s alright. Governments fund technologies especially where DVD burners and DVD media are made so one really can’t imagine politics have nothing to do with DVD burning. What is not good is judging something based on a strongly politically formed viewpoint.

Oh, I have just read what infini said above (I read from the last post.) That looks like a politically minded post to me. :iagree: (If you do want to debate such things, Living Room forum is always open for good discussions as long as everyone remains sane.)


I brought a OEM version in March - January 2005 manufacture - Rom Ver A102 - and says Product of Korea on Label.
So I guess it is made in Korea, they must have switched to China shortly after.
Top Drive by the way.


Hey man !
“Made in China” doesn’t mean bad quality product! Many many famous products are made in China!


Agree with you ultraman :iagree:
My 4163 is made in china and it’s workin like a rocket, my plextor 716a’s are
manufactured in china, too. No problems with them!


Store near me that takes returns without a fight was having a sale on a retail box of a 4163B so I thought to myself, let’s check it out. So I looked at it in the store, it’s made in Korea Jan 2005 not China (March 2005). Great thinks I, let’s try it out.

So I took it home and just tested it. It’s also noisy on cd discs in the drive. Marginally quieter but still too much.

I’m now contemplating exchanging the OEM Chinese one for a NEC 3520 in exchange for $10 more, and seeing if that’s better, and whatever is better, keep that.

I do notice squeezing the 5.25 bay in the appropriate places can make the noise worse. Yes, vibration and noise does bug me… I have a fanless PSU, am going to turn my video card fanless soon, and have a 80mm cpu fan instead of a 60mm. So you can see why I wouldn’t want a noisy spindle. Probably the noise is the drive going straight to 40x on the CD. Probably.


WHAT??? LG makes drives in China now!!! I dunno why, I’ve never had any problems with made in china products, but I just don’t like buying products made there…


capitalism sucks


There’s no “Made in Japan” DVD writer.


Ipod are made in china