My LG 4163B can't read some DVD movies

Hi all,

My LG 4163B actually has no problem of burning any DVD. But it can’t detect some DVD movies that I bought in Malaysia (golden plate). I have upgraded it to firmware A105 but still no use. It can’t be detected. The light will show like it is trying to read for about 2-3 minutes then stop, but system will show No Dics. Think that it might be to region free so tried to use DVD genie but still can’t be detected. My system is Win2K Server.

Please help since I want to make a copy of some DVD movies but my LG burner can’t read it.

They are (most likely) not Originals even they look so and the problem you describe is common with them.

Your drive must be RPC1 for DVD Genie to work. Running DVD Genie on an RPC2 drive does not make it region free. You can either flash the drive with RPC1 firmware and use DVD Genie, or use Alcohol 120%, which does not need your drive to be RPC1 in order to defeat region protection.

In any case, I am not sure making the drive region free will solve your problems. It’s more likely that the discs you bought in Malaysia are some third rate pirated copies on bad discs.

Thanks Karangguni,

However for those dVDs, other DVD burner can read and burn it. Also my office DVDrom can read it and I can make the image of it. Only when I tried to read it using LG 4613b it coud not detect the disc. Is LG very sensitive of pirated dvds ? Or is there anything that I can do to make it able to read it.

clementi_bc, buying a genuine copy of the DVD will solve your problem.

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