My LG-4163 can't burn DVD's

I’m using Nero + WinXP. LG is set secondary master, Plextor CD-writer secondary slave. I can write CD’s with Plextor+nero, but when I try to burn a DVD with LG, nero freezes. The only way to burn DVD that works is alcohol. Any sugestions?

What version is your Nero?

Is it a OEM Version that came with the Plextor?

No. I’ve tried also with EasyMediaCreator;same result. Lg’s fw is 04, but it isn’t working with the previous, too.

What about your ASPI Layer?

Go here

Grab this file and extract and run…

Adaptec ASPI Drivers for Win9x/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP v4.72 [463 KB]

Only thing I can think of, maybe someone else has some ideas.

Would the version of ASPI you’re using affect the quality of burns?

If you have a corrupted ASPI Layer it will.

Come to think of it Nero uses it’s own ASPI Layer I think…hmmm

You could try a different cable…

Or try the drive as the master.

I don’t want to make any hw changes. If it burns with alcohol, must be a soft problem.

Having several burning apps installed may cause problems. You could try removing everything except Nero.

Solved. Installing original 4in1 drivers (4.37). Thanks, anyway.

Hi Hans71,

How did you get it to work? I’m going nuts. I have a brand new LG Super Multi 16x DVD burner and it only burns the disks to 1%. The disk keeps spinning but I can see the light isn’t flickering on /off the way it should when the burner is reading / writing. I bought an Iomagic 16x burner thinking maybe there was some incompatibility with my computer but same problem. I tried RitekDVD-R disks, then Staples DVD+RW. All platters. I’ve uninstalled any software I can find outside of the Nero OEM that came with the burner.

It must be my computer (not the disks, hardware or software) since neither drive or disks will work but I don’t know what to do. I have some big projects on hold until I can get some files backed on DVD, this is the first time I’ve ever tried a DVD burner and I’m very discouraged! Do you have any suggestions? argh!!!