MY LCD & TV Cable channels




After a long wait today was the day when I bought my 1st LCD for my computer before it I was using SAMSUNG 14’’ CRT MONITOR.
Today I bought VIEW SONIC 19’’ LCD:-

Everything is OK when I am using it with my PC, picture is excellent and everything is perfect. :slight_smile:

I have a old external TV TUNER , for last 4years I hooked up this with my CRT Monitor and all was OK, all channels were coming and there quality and colors were all perfect, but today when I hooked TV TUNER with my LCD the colors were too bad and most annoying thing is that on some channels (my favorite one’s) screen was black though there is still audio coming.:a

In home the TV cable splits to two rooms one for my home TV and other for my Computer LCD by simple splitter.

I want to ask that how can I overcome this problem, should I change TV TUNER though it was working perfect with CRT monitor, I also attached an old TV SIGNAL AMPLIFIER but no luck.:sad:

WHAT SHOULD I DO ???, please don’t mention any expensive/odd equipment as I live in PAKISTAN.



1 - Is it still working perfectly with the old crt?
2 - What kind of connection is used from tuner to lcd screen?
3- What happens id you connect the tv tuner to your Samsun 14" LCD screen?

  1. TV tuner works with old CRT it also works with new LCD but some channels colors are not right and some channels do not come.

  2. By connection i think u are asking about VGA or DMI I am using VGA from my LCD to my external TV TUNER (coaxial cable)

  3. On by old SAMSUNG 14’’ CRT MONITOR everything comes normal.


I think the problem here is the frequencies.

Can you set your tuner to output exactly 60Hz?
Can you set your tuner to ouput the exact resolution that your LCD screen natively has?
Can you set your tuner to output via Digital DVI?

  1. basically this tuner is very old so this has no options of 60hz …

  2. my channels automatically come in full screen , so you can say that they are in native resolution. i mentioned that tuner is old so i dont think it has digital DVI.


My best guess is that it will never work with LCD then. I’m sorry. If possible, try another LCD set from someone else.

  1. why will not work ?

  2. some guys are saying to buy a new TV TUNER, what do you say???


Because most LCD screens work only at 60Hz and your tuner cannot output 60Hz.

  1. some guys are saying to buy a new TV TUNER, what do you say???
    I say first test it, then buy it.


its not possible for me to get LCD from some one else…

what should I do?


Accept it?


any other solution please ???


[QUOTE=fawzmasood;2525622]its not possible for me to get LCD from some one else…

[B]what should I do?[/B][/QUOTE]

I suggest getting a newer tuner :slight_smile:


this is the TV TUNER which is available in my area and costs about 27 $ with 10 month warranty, should I go for it ?


Well it says its fully compatible with both CRT & LCD monitor…

Bring your monitor to the shop, connect it to the tuner and buy the tuner if it works.


Boom !

I used my INTERNAL TV TUNER though it is of low quality and old but all of channels came in right color and the best thing is that on those channel on which I was getting BLACK SCREEN those channel also come …

So now should I buy a new TV TUNER (external) ?


Understanding your actions/words is a real challenge for me, but it’s fun, so let’s continue this :slight_smile:

Well… as i understand it now, you have an internal tuner (inside of what actually? a computer?) and that works. Does it work with your new lcd screen? What does it work with exactly?

And if it works with your lcd screen, why would you want an external tuner?

  1. yes, I do have an internal TV TUNER card on my MOBO , PCI SLOT …

  2. yes, it works

  3. all the channels in there proper color and no more BLACK SCREEN while using this INTERNAL TV TUNER

  4. I works with my LCD

  5. Some times I only want to watch TV on my LCD so an external TV TUNER is best for that as for internal TV TUNER I have to ON my computer …


So… see post #14:

Bring your monitor to the shop, connect it to the internal tuner and buy the internal tuner if it works.


Problem solved, after buying a NEW TV TUNER