My latest waste of time

I put a thermaltake golden orb and a 41 watt peltier on my radion 8500.
Now all I need to do is install heatsinks on the memory and theatre chip, permanantly install a fan, and do a volt mod. Why do I wast my time with crap like this? I guess because it’s fun??? MY gpu temps are 8c idle, 14-15c overclocked at full load. I guess the pelt was too small to go sub zero, and yes, I did modify a meat thermometer for my temp sensor (I have tested it and it is resonably accurate and will actually read sub zero).

my radeon 8500 could barely do doom 3… :eek:

maybe try 9600 or 9800…they’re gettin cheap these days…:slight_smile:

This is my first pelt job and my first volt mod on a vid card. I don’t think I would risk it with a 9800. I think that I’ll just overclock it till smoke starts pouring out or something. If I kill it, I have another 8500 but a 9600 or 9800 may be in the near future. If I do manage to overclock the hell out of it and it runs stable, I’ll probably run it till I run across something that it won’t run right. I don’t play a lot of the latest games. Older ones are cheaper and don’t require a 200$ vid card.

I’m guessing you have Mobo with everything you want on board :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget the ram chips, if you are overclocking like hell, cos it’s gonna be that Hot!:wink:

how much did all the parts and setup for this cost in total in the end, does it justify maybe to invest into a descent water cooling system, and have more free time for other ventures in life other than moddin your PC

Cost was almost nothing or I probably wouldn’t have done it. With a new baby in the house, I also get stuck at home bored a lot too.
The thermal take heatsink was intended fo early athlon chips if I am not mistaken (not good enough for an athlon xp though). I got it and about a dozen other asorted heatsinks for 8$ used (all old, oddball and or obsolete stuff but great for projects like this).
Ransinks are pentium 1/2 heatsinks from them cut up 4 ways.
The foam insulation is a 79 cent foam mouse pad.
The cold plate is the copper plate from a factory amd athlon xp heatsink (it just had a copper plate attached to the bottom with screws). I have three aftermarket athlon xp heatsinks and only two athlon xp systems so it was probably never going to get used.
I already had the thermal take fan in my spare fans. The rubber bands holding the fan on are hair ties, lol, but I’ll find a beter way to attach it (actually I have a round blue lit mini desktop fan that was a freebee that I might try to gut and attach).
The thermal probe is an old cheapo digital meat thermometer that I modified for use with the computer some time ago that suprizingly can actually read sub zero temps.
I have been running dual power supplies in that computer for a while now. I did buy a new second power supply but it was only 23$ with a 21$ rebate so 2$ (maddog 250 watt rated at 16a on the 12v). I really needed to replace the old second power supply anyway. It was a 350 watt deer (I know, one of the worst you could possibly buy). It had a bad habit of shuting down all the time even though it was only running fans and lights. When I attached the pelt (only a 41 watt pelt) the lights went mega dim like the ps was going to blow up or something. The new maddog should be plenty for a small pelt and lights and fans. It is made by super flower if I am not mistaken.
The dielectric grease was 6$ (I could have easilly gotten away with the 2$ tube but I didn’t know how much I would need). I needed it for my car anyway as I didn’t use any when I changed the spark plug wires. If you have ever spent a half hour trying to get pieces of a broken off spark plug boot out of a 6 inch deep hole to get the spark plug out you know the advantqage of using it (already went out to the car and put some on).
The only think that I did feel in the pocktet book a little was using up most of my tube of artic silver, 3$ for heatsink tape (If I use it), and 8$ for some artic aluminum epoxy (if use it). It wouldn’t hurt to have the artic aluminun epoxy and or the tape on hand anyway.
Oh and the last part, the pelt was gutted out of a mini fridge. I actually have three that have been sitting in a spare parts drawer for a while now.
You can probably tell from the fact that I took the time to type all that crap in, my level of boredom right now. I really do need something more constructive to do.

Oh and on the water cooling thing, I wish I had water cooling (my cpu overclock is currently being limited by heat). I think it is a little out of my budget right now but if I get a few spare dollars I might try to rig something up. Just out of curosity, how much power does it take to run water cooling? Would that 250 watt mad dog run it (probably not)?

Thats a pretty intrusive cooling, you have no use for PCI-slots I see :smiley:

Can a peltier be used also to cool a CPU?

I have three computers hooked up on a kvm switch so I have a little flexability with what I put where. One thing that I want in this system is raid 0 (already running raid 1 off the motherboard raid). I have one pci slot open for that. I have the original fan that came with the heatsink but the leeds have been cut. If it works that will free up another slot (the little desktop fan that I want to gut might do the same). I’m not sure what I would put thier (sound card or tv tuner would be options based on cards I already have).

Yes but it takes a much larger (wattage, not physical size) peltier and you are going to have to have a power supply big enough to handle it. You would either have to run a second power supply or have a very large primary power supply. Also, water cooling is mandatory to use a pelt with the cpu if I am not mistaken. The heat sink required to cool a pelt that big would have to be pretty massive. I guess you could do it but I have never heard of it.