My last Taiyo-Yuden Disc :-(

OK, SL media meaning? and DL backups meaning?

Im guessing DL = download backups

Not sure about SL…

SL = Single layer blank media disks sometimes refered to as DVD5 like our 4.7 GB Sony media.

DL = Dual layer blank media disks sometimes referred to as DVD9

How could I forget after so many cdf nights together? But you know I’m always a little foggy in the morning so don’t remember your coffee … was it cream and sugar like me? :wink:

Thanks for all the input.

I’m most likely going to buy the TY 4X dvd-r 100pk listed on this link:

The only thing that concerns me is the crappy packaging (no cake box protection) just a plastic “tape ring” around it. I’m concerned the bottom disc or a few may get scratched or damaged.

And yes, I’m pretty sure these are legit TY discs even though its labeled as “value-pak” around it. Ive never seen TY discs with a TY label on it…

This is the cheapest I have seen TY discs in the US online. The next cheapest TY disc on the site is 2 50-pk 8X dvd-r for 32.99…these ARE in cakeboxes…whereas the 4X is only 23.99…

Decisions, Decisions :frowning:

Any input would be super since I need to buy these ASAP (like today hopefully!). I’m out of discs!!

P.S. I dont care about disc speed…so its just down to quality of packaging at this point I guess…

arif1979 and Whisperer1: sorry I didn’t respond earlier.

arif1979: that’s a better choice and will do good in most burners. The media code would be TYG01. But depends on your burner, the TYG02 (DVD-R 8x rated) might be better. I personally use the TY DVD+R 8x with code YUDEN000T02 for daily use.

I’ve asked in post#6:

PS: why in AnyDVD forum?

Plextor PX-716A Firmware: 1.09 (ext burner that I have used for almost every burn I have made)

Lite-On SOHW-1633S Firmware: BS0Y (internal burner that I have used primarily to READ the original)

The last disc I’ve burned I used the internal to burn at 4X as suggested…I’m going to test that DVD now to see if it was a successful burn…

P.S. This past 100pk TY that I used that I just ran out of…the media code says TYG02…so I guess these were rated at 8X?

Anyway…should I buy the 23.99 4X TY’s with the crappy/questionable packaging or the 32.99 8X TY’s with the cakeboxes? Both DVD-R format…

TYG02 is the better choice. You will have to decide how the price difference enters into the equation.

don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, packaging or free shipping

prices are going back up

Good question :wink:

Err… with those burners, and if you’re in a hurry, get the Verbatim 16x DVD+R 50pack on sale at Bestbuy for 14.99. Burn at 8x or 12x for better quality. Hope you have Bestbuy nearby!

Wow, that over TY??

And i’m not sure if booktype is an option on my internal burner…to set it at DVD-ROM type so it’s playable on ANY dvd player…or so they say…I’m very weary about trying +R’s :-\

So you suggest the Verbatim’s for BOTH of those drives over the TYs?

Also, is Verbatim considered as good in quality as TY/Sony, etc…

I’ve purchased 50pks of them before (i think?) lol

Ah (another edit) I just noticed that Verbatim’s media code is MCC according to some sites which is mitsubishi chemicals…supposedly a very good media…

hello arif , i`m using sony dvd-r sony0d81 … and so far no problems w/ them

but if you can get it changed … go to verbatim or ty’s … dont go anything below 8x (for verbatims u can get 16x)

I dont want information from a “cd freaks rookie” like myself :-P. Just kidding! Thanks for the added advice :slight_smile:

Verbatim used to be my standard +R disks until I started getting a few below
90 scans from 8x burns(73 lowest so far), Yuden(TY’s) are now my trusted media.
TYG0’s for dvd-R, it’s a very simple choice(made in japan)!

I can’t personally remember or recommend the reputable online stores to order from because, for the most part, I find what I want on the L.A. storeshelves. I worry about being sure about a company before ordering online because it’s wild, wild west out on the web and i don’t want to get fakes. I think reasonsnotrules knows alot about online vendors and will probably post a recommendation back at you eventually.

Whisperer is the most trustworthy based feedback from people on this forum.

supermediastore is another that i think people order from.

once i have to resort to ordering online, rima will be my only choice though. it’s getting too hard to find MIJ media on the shelves :frowning:

I just purchased a 200 pack of Taiyo Yuden DVD+r’s from supermediastore. I got them for $89.99 with free ground shipping and these are definitely the real thing. The code TG00162 is on the dye-side of the disc. And doing a quality test with cdspeed, these rated at 97 with really low PI and PO rates. Best scans I have seen on ANY media yet. However, if I burn these @16x with my NEC-3520AW, firmware 2.U3 the quality scan goes way down to around 50. So I guess I’m stuck writing these @12x. The important thing is they work :iagree:

the sony yuden t02’s when you can find them on sale are just as good,
burned at 8x, maybe better, worst scan so far was a 95

Cool, thanx. Will try the sony ty02’s when these I have run out.

The verbatim +R’s are good Taiwan Media - as another user stated, they have them on sale at best buy… but those ALWAYS go on sale, so if you miss it this time around… just keep looking

The Sony +Rs are rebadged Taiyos (someone did point that out), and the Fugi +R’s are as well - you can also find these are sale alot at Best Buy, Circuit City, Good Guys etc etc.