My laptop wont pick up my speedtouch connection?

hi yesterday my laptop could pick up my speedtouch connection no problem then later that day i turned on the laptop with no speedtouch connection theres only homehub which i can not connect to. when i check avalible network connections the odd time speedtouch comes back there but when i connect to it it just trys to then connects me to homehub again and the speedtouch connection dissappears again. please i have no idea how to fix this problem if you could help i could be very greatful. cheers


Restart the laptop after unpluging the router and pluging it back in.

hi again just tried that with no joy still the same only coming up homehub connection.?

Is this one old wired router used as a switch plus a new wireless router?

hi again no its new router ethernet lead plugs into the back of computer to the router and the speedtouch is working fine on my pc and was working fine on ny wireless laptop until yesterday now the laptop cant seem to find the wireless connection.

does the laptop have built in wireless or is it some type of add on?
like USB to express card?
I’m not sure what speedtouch is.

the laptop has wireless built in.
thomson speedtouch is the name of the router which i connect to my pc