My laptop suddenly shut down



Hi all,

I was playing PES 2010 with a PS2 controller in High settings and then I remembered I had to print something. Not wanting to lose my progress, I paused the game and pressed the windows key to minimize it. I opened Chrome and I typed part of the website. It automatically completed it but as soon as that happened, the laptop shut down. My fan was, as always, spinning like a horse racing. I then tried to turn it on and nothing would happen. I unplugged the AC adaptor, plugged it back in and the on light turned on, as did the wi-fi light but then they turned off. I tried again and it just wouldn’t budge. So, I unplugged the AC adaptor and then put in the battery, unplugged everything (an USB mouse and keyboard, the PS2 controller adaptor, an USB 2.0 4-port hub and my headphones and my ethernet cable) and it turned on. After Windows booted, I plugged the AC adaptor back in and then took the battery out and it stayed on. My specs:

Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3200 @ 2GHz
ATi Mobility Radeon HD 3470
Windows 7 Ultimate x86

I would like to know why this happens. My CPU temps usually are above 70ºC and below 90ºC and the max temp for my CPU is 100ºC. I don’t know if it hit 100 though.


Maybe the ac/dc adapter needs to be re-soldered or the heat sink fan needs to be cleaned out. btw what brand is your laptop?


It just overheated. When you pause a game it doesn’t necessarily give the gpu or cpu a break, so you just over loaded it.