My Laptop Quit burining Dvd's/ says its burning them when it completes disk is empty



I have been using a couople different programs to burn dvd’s on my toshiba laptop 305d series/ Windows dvd maker and need for software dvd copy/. Now it says it is burning them when it completes the diskis still empty and it will allow me to write to it again. I’m not sure what to do when I went to reinstall drivers for the dvd rom it wouldn’t giive me the chance to update drivers saying my device works fine it doesn’t give me the chance to update. Any ideas?


The drivers for you optical drive are contained within the operating system and don’t need to be updated.
Which operating system are you using?

Does the optical drive work at all? Can you read dvds and cds with it?

Have you tried doing test burns with the drive using another burning program? There are a couple of free ones that you can use, CDBurnerXp and ImgBurn. If you use ImgBurn for a test, post the burn log here in your thread. You can find it by clicking Help within ImgBurn, then ImgBurn Logs.