My laptop crashes randomly

Okay, ever since… ever, my laptop has been crashing randomly, leaving a screen with a few lines. The last time it happened, I was shutting down my laptop, after using it for about 7pm to 11.30pm. The temperature of the room was about 15-20C and I am not sure whether the cpu and disk were too hot or not, but my fan was ventilating an awful lot. My specs are:

Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3200 @ 2.00GHz (all speeds are factory default)
Seagate 250gb HDD
ATi Mobility Radeon HD 3470 (all speeds are factory defaults)
Realtek HD Audio
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 x86
3GB RAM (1x2GB + 1x1GB, speeds are factory defaults)
Antivirus is Panda Global Protection 2009
System is up-to-date, only exception is not having SP2

My laptop is an Asus X50SL (which by the way isn’t listed in the Products thing!) and my laptop has also crashed after using it for longer periods of time (about the whole day) but sometimes, it doesn’t crash after using for the whole day. And it has crashed while exporting HD videos, so I’m too wondering if it is a temperature issue. Sometimes, instead of seeing the aforementioned lines, the screen just stays like it was before crashing and I can’t move my mouse nor do anything else. If you want a picture of the lines, just ask. I have also noticed that after using this pc for a while, the temperatures go up to 60C (sometimes 70) for the CPU and 50C for the disk.

Problems with the on board graphics chip set, or bad Ram? Do use the lappy on a stand?
My laptop has 2 HDDs 320Gb and 500Gb, AMD dual core 64bit 2.2GHZ, 4 Gb Ram, ATI radeon graphics; and runs cool on a stand with a fan.

Did you contact Asus support?
Running the PC at 60-70C is sure to kill it, as the temp goes up the PC shuts down. Are you sure nothing is blocking the CPU fan and vents?

Yes, my laptop is on my desk and my laptop’s vent is in the back, so it’s venting against the wall and it’s very close, so that might be the problem. I’m gonna monitor and log the temperatures the whole day using Asus PC Probe to see what happens. Thanks!

You might have dust/dirt clogging the CPU cooler fins. Try shooting a good blast of compressed air in the reverse direction of air flow and then in the direction of air flow. If you see a puff of dust/dirt come out of the vents that might be the cause of the instability.

Just be sure to use something like (Dust Off) High pressure could do more damage than good. If you can open the laptop case to spray that may help.

I might try compressed air, but that’s only gonna be possible in the far future. While we’re at it though, here’s a CSV that RealTemp created while logging my laptop’s temperatures this afternoon: (7.92 KB)

If those temps are in celsius your cooking your laptop.

Yes, they are all in Celsius. I already changed my laptop’s place, but the same thing still happens and it’s got loads of space to vent, so why can the temperatures go so high? Do I need to play less intensive games? Do I need to change OS?

You need to have the dust cleaned out of it.

or call Asus support; the temps are way to high.

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2302984]You need to have the dust cleaned out of it.[/QUOTE]

I’ll talk to a friend to see if I can get some compressed air pumps, thanks!

[QUOTE=CCRomeo;2302992]or call Asus support; the temps are way to high.[/QUOTE]

I’m gonna do that Monday or Tuesday, thanks too!