My K Probe results

Been having problems burning DVD-Rs recently. Basically the Infiniti’s I have (OptoDisc dye) burn fine everytime in Nero but they won’t play in my standalone DVD player. I just ran a K Probe test on one and here’s the results. From what I’ve read on this forum so far, these aren’t good results :eek:

It didn’t get to 100%, got to 99% and then I got a 031100 UNRECOVERED READ ERROR

yep those r pathetic. it gets hardf to read for most players when it exceeds the standard PO which is 32. but getting like over 200-600 in some spots is a joke. no wonder the player wont read it. i would take back those piles of garbage if u bought more than 10. seriously, if the guy says they sell thousands, they never had anyone come back, ur burner is incompatible or some bullshit, kindly ask for a refund. then once u get it, either punch his lights out or mouth of at him like never before. teach those know-it-all-but-actually-know-nothing idiots a lesson.

and BTW. good dvd-r discs are taiyo yuden or ritek. i havent tried ritek but i hear they r good. taiyo i have tried, and they r brilliant.

For Ritek, go here for my (very good!) results. :smiley:

OK, ran another set of tests on another coaster and these are the results this time:

Not really much better. So, is this just that my Lite-On doesn’t like that particular media very much?

To be fair, the shop I got them from are happy to refund for the unused discs and the unopened spindle. I’ve already got some Ritek “Frosted Silver” G04’s on order. Hopefully these will yield better results.

if they r happy to refund then all is well coz those discs r garbage.

say, u arent burning at like 8x speed r u?!? what speed were those at?

The discs are rated 4x and I burned at 4x, I also tried 2x but same results.

Well, here’s the results from my first burn wi the Ritek G04’s. I suppose that’s what you call an improvement :eek:

i cant see the pic…

Now i can see it. thats a great burn. that should work fine in ur player now.