My ipod :( (Apple iPod Touch 16GB)

[qanda]This thread is about the Apple iPod Touch 16GB. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi everyone,

i just bought my own Touch ipod and i have a problem in moving & converting my audioes to iTune :frowning: :doh:

could anyone give me a quick breif about that? so this might help me to recognize my problem :frowning:

thanks in advanced.

What is the exact nature of your problem as you are unclear.

Are you having problems withe audio files (wav/mp3) you already have?

If so there is NO “need” to convert them because the ipod will play both forms of file.


Dear Allan, thanks for being here, well i’ll be back to give more explenation about my problem and see if i can provide it with some pics.

thanks again

hi again,

i have converted my songs to MP3 in order to transfer them to my IPod, the way have been used is drag and drop but it seems does not work with me, I need to know exactly the followings:
• What are the steps to transfer some files from my computer to iTune
• What are the steps to transfer my files from iTune to IPod.
• Do I need to change the formats of my Audios and videos to MP3?
• Which format does work with IPod?

Your effort is highly appreciated

still waititng