My Imation discs displayed as Mitsubishi in DVD Identifier?

As title, I inserted two types of Imation discs into my burner and use DVD Identifier to look for the details of the disc. Surprisingly, the manufacturer is displayed as Mitsubishi.

Well, could this information be fake, because Imation intended to do so, or are the Imation discs actually made by Mitsubishi?

The information that I get is as follow:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:MCC-003-000]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD+R]
Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [MCC]
Media Type ID : [003]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4.70 GB (4.38 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x]

[ DVD Identifier V4.3.0 - ]

Sorry for my poor English. Thanks all for your help.

I wouldn’t have had Imation down for producing fake discs. Although the Imations I have are either MBI or CMC made.

But then I could be way off base :slight_smile:

It could be that some of MBI’s or CMC’s production for Mitsubishi/Verbatim went into Imation packaging. :wink:
Please look if the discs have a ZD…-DVR-… style hub code in the dye area.

Interesting find! If they are real those should be some good disks you have gotten.

Maybe you can post some scans for us.

Doesn’t Imation use MBI code ?
And MBI makes some of Verbatim MCC discs ?

So , there is a connection :bigsmile:

If this continues this would be excellent! :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve made a scan but I don’t think it’s accurate…

I made two scans by using Asus DVDROM and my NEC 7170a burner respectively but the results are a lot different…

I can say that the results produced by using the DVDROM is actually odd. The PIE and PIF are very high but the quality score is 95. How can this happen?

Here is the scan that I made by my NEC burner using Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Could someone please interpret the data produced for me? I just ain’t sure if this is good or not.

By the way, what is MIB code? I’m sorry that I am still a newbie. Thanks all for the nice replies.

fatchoi: Your DVD-ROM is a low accuracy scanner (8-ECC). However the Quality score given by Nero CD-DVD Speed is much more accurate with low accuracy scanners.
Your NEC is a high accuracy (1-ECC) scanner. The quality score given by Nero CD-DVD Speed is inaccurate with high accuracy scanners. NECs aren’t really good scanners anyway.

Screenshots are much nicer as PNG or GIF files. JPEG sucks for screenshots.

Well, then those discs are apparently B-grade or fake. What about the ZD… code? What’s the country of origin on those discs?
MBI code: Moser Baer India, a factory which makes both MBI (own)-coded and MCC-coded discs.

I had an Imation branded MBIPG101 R04 that burned like that in a Benq 1650. Personally Ive never thought very highly of Imation discs as I have never had a good disc from them at all.

Thanks for your reply first. But let me attach my first scan with my Asus DVDROM. It’s very unusual of this scan so I originally didn’t intend to post this but now please have a look. Could this be possible?

Oh yes, the code should be starting with DP, if I ain’t wrong.
If so, the media code is mcc= fake?

This must be an ∞ECC scanner then. I can’t find another explanation for that.
Just kidding.

I noticed that it doesn’t scan PIE and PIF, but PIE and POE, like a Plextor does! I don’t know how to interpret POE though, I don’t have enough experience for that ^^"

Imation has used also Mitsubishi codes(made by CMC and MBIL) from time to time.
(PC consument also had MCC004 +R which scored best and which seem to be most likely CMC made.)

Now that dvd identifier identifies this as Mitsubishi should be read as made with Mitsubishi Technology.

It’s probably made by CMC or MBIL.
India -> MBIL (serial code in the clear plastic part of the disc shows a +R in the middle)
Taiwan -> CMC (serial code in the clear plastic part of the disc starts with PA)

Okay in theory there is a small change it could be prodisc made in that case it will show a + between the 2 parts of the code.
DP ? is that the serial or the stamper code. If it’s the Stamper then starts with DP- 4.7G then there fake.
And it makes me even question if that’s genuine Imation.

What about Singapore? :wink:
I can’t interpret POE graphs but I know that such a high POE level is inaccurate…

Good or not from these scans…? No way to tell, as you don’t mention the [B]burner[/B]… :wink: - besides, both drives used for scanning are highly questionable as scanners. So nothing conclusive can be learnt from these scans.

[B]@kg_evilboy[/B]: sorry but I can’t help but being bugged by your use of the term “accurate” here. “Precise” would be much better IMO. :slight_smile:

I had an Imation branded MBIPG101 R04 that burned like that in a Benq 1650. Personally Ive never thought very highly of Imation discs as I have never had a good disc from them at all.
My own MBIPG101 R04 Imation are top-notch when burnt in NEC and Benq drives. Arachne’s discs of the same model are top-notch in her LG burner.

Sorry, just noticed. No idea if this 7170 is good with MCC003. Better ask in the NEC forum.

MCC media being sold as Imation is nothing new. There is no reason to doubt it is legit.

YEah but the stamper starting with DP is if that’s the stamper is very questionable.
So that’s why I would like to know the complete stamper and complete serial (found on the inner part)
I think we might have fake branded media here.

Well, I’ve scanned the disc. Have a look if you are interested.
Better that you download the image first to have a much clear look.

I’ve never seen the brand “éncore” together with Imation on a disc, but it seems to be a legit product line of Imation.
I see that it apparently has Japanese on it, but the DP-4.7G instead of the ZD… code makes clear that it is fake MCC 003! I doubt Imation Hong Kong would want to use fake stuff damaging their reputation.
Don’t use it for important data. :frowning:

Real éncore/Imation media would look like this:

Well, by the way, doesn’t the one in the higher right corner (that link) be similar with mine? Just the color differs…

Hm… I suppose there are a lot of different discs with different colors that aren’t shown in that webpage? I saw many many colors of the i-pro series of Imation.

Oh yes, most says that the MMC03 is fake and I should believe in this. But I don’t think the discs that I bought are actually fake Imation as I bought the dvdR from different shops but they have all got the MCC03.