My imagination,an illusion,or something else?



A few days ago,I tried Leawo Blu-Ray player on my desktop.
Several problems with the dvdmovie “The Fog”.However,other retail dvd’s played fine…
So I fired up my laptop (with a crappy Matshita DVD-RAM UJ8C0),and encountered the same problem…:eek:
But the dvd was not playable in Nero Blu Ray player nor in AsusDvd ( a crippled PowerDvd 10 version) either…but,the same as on my desktop, the others did.
I decided to rip it to find out if things would be better,but this was even stranger:
WinX DvdCopy Pro froze after 67 % complete
DvdRanger Cinex froze after 5 % complete
AnydvdHD spitted out an error after the read-in and said it couldn’t rip the disc.
Uninstalled AnyDvdHD,installed DvdFab Passkey trial and low and behold,Passkey could rip it…:eek:
About 45 minutes were needed to complete,but the rip played fine.
Now the weirdest part: after the succesful rip,every player that failed before,could play the original dvd fine now,even after Passkey uninstall and reinstall of Anydvd…
I have no explanation for this…:confused:


Dirt on the disk? Tiny scratch?


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2717834]Dirt on the disk? Tiny scratch?[/QUOTE]

I have had worse that played without problems…:confused: