My Idiot Guide to Perfect DVD's

I’ve been wrestling with “all the issues” for the past 6 months. I think in the last two days I have found my answer(s).

Here is how I will be making my dvd’s until I move up to blu-ray.

  1. Use my Liteon’s 5005 and 5045 to record to rewriteables. These liteon’s give identical pictures equal to tv broadcast quality at their 6 hour settings. Noticeably better than computer cards recording at twice the bit rates.

  2. Take disk to computer and drag & drop contents of the video folder to my harddrive. If disk has failed or is not readable by the computer, use IsoBuster to recover.

  3. Use mpg-vcr to edit files and create final dvd compatible mpgs.

  4. If isobuster recovers file but it won’t open, use Chainsaw to cut off the first five minutes of the file. This has recovered every unplayable file so far. ((about 3)).

  5. Burn the resulting mpg files to a dvd as a data disk.

  6. Play the dvd in my computer or to the tv via either of the Liteon’s which display the dvd’s indistinguishably from a righteous dvd. ((disks display differently in the computer but not on the freestanding units-that surprised me.))

This results in the easiest to create, quickest to create, best quality dvd’s I have found in the 6 months (using 3 computer cards and 5 software programs) I have been trying to do this.

Thanks for all the help all of you have given me the past few months. I’ll let you know if I have to change my mind. But “right now” I’m a happy camper. ///bobbo.

What reason do you have for not using DVDdecrypter in IFO mode to rip the relevant PGC to the HD?

As an example the disc I worked on today was an episode of 24, using the above is a transfer of 2.1gb to the HDD, doing a drag and drop is a 4.2gb transfer so takes considerably longer.

I thought he was going to tell us a cheap place to buy them. :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

I do use decrypter whenever I have titles on the original. Right now most of my editable recording is taken from a 6 hour rewriteable that just has one track so decrypter doesn’t help in that situation==also trying to keep the guide short and sweet. Also==looks like decrypter will become harder to find as it is off the market now.

Do you know of any program that will “easily” nip the first 1 to 5 minutes off a file? I have used chainsaw and chopper xp but they have alot of extra steps to get this simple job done. Other common programs recommended have to load the file first which I want to avoid.==>Ie==I have noticed that many corrupt unplayable files become “normal” when the first few minutes of the file are removed. Saved a few bad disks so far and now start my overnight recordings a few minutes early as a safeguard.

I use shop 4 tech, meritline, and newegg depending on sales/price, compatibility and use.

No apologies for quoting DVDd again but in PGC mode you have the choice to select which chapters you want it to work with.
So with the Liteon you have a choice when recording of setting marks at 5,10,15 minutes etc. Therefore if you use 5 minute marks and then deselect the first chapter you have straight away chopped those first 1-5 minutes off.
As far as availability of the program is concerned it won’t go away, far far too many of us have it for it to ever disappear. Certainly its usefulness as a ripper of protected material will diminish but its other features will ensure its longevity.

That is an EXCELLENT hint. Thanks for the followup.

I now have 3 set top recorders (ultimately dvd will replace the other 5 vcr’s I have)–I added the $98 Ilo from Wallmart. Same excellent picture as the Liteons. returned the first one as sound out of synch even after the update. Second one out of synch until the updated software applied and now it is in synch. I have noticed though that this unit adds a background aural “humm” which is not noticed until the sound is cranked up a bit.

Have also found that almost all rewriteables work in the Ilo (plus only) and Liteon 5045 and none of them work in the 5005.

Well, its still all workable and with your hint I will save time and quality. thanks again.///bobbo.

Reminds me of that old joke/adage:

Doctor, it really hurts everytime I do this.

Well don’t do it then.

Well, depending on degree==that is the choice I am making. I’m on my 4th Ilo from Wal*mart. I think I have noticed that the hum is closely related to a degraded picture as well. Now, I suppose I could simply not watch the picture and then the fact that it was out of synch wouldn’t matter either. But then, I might as well read a book?

#1=Out of synch
#2=Loud hum
#3=Totally stopped working after first recording.
#4=“Slight Hum” this looks like a keeper even though it was from a previously openned box. I asked Wal*mart if they were selling returned units and the guy said no, but some people wanted to see what was in the box to make sure everything was there.===>un huH, I’m sure that happens. The sales baby was not impressed when I said an openned box was used equipment but I’m sure he’ll bring it up at the next management meeting. There were 4 remaining units when I chose this one as the best. All the boxes had been openned. If this fails, I’m off Ilo.

What I still don’t get==with all the problems, these cheap machines still provide a far superior picture than all the computer based solutions I have looked at. Something the stand alones are doing should be copied by the video capture card industry. Too had it doesn’t as I would prefer a computer solution even at twice the money.===bobbo.