My idea of the dream burner

It would burn in 2 minutes or less, have a upgradable buffer memory(i.e. a gig of ram), and copy any thing on the planet you could hurl at it. Have a 2 gig harddrive for temporary to write from, no buffer underuns, and burn 12 days worth music, movies, and videos, plus be rewritable without such a big overhead(loss of 150 megs or so for cd-rw)

Any of you guys can think to improve it. I know this is a pipe dream, but we can dream cant we??

sounds nice

but i’m pleased with my plex 16/40 :wink:

why do you need a tmp harddisk while you have 2 gb of buffer ram?
you can only fit 800mb on a disc (or do you mean a dvd burner)