My HP DVD 740 doesn't recognize blank media when it's time to write

using DVD Shrink or Clone DVD I Read the DVD with the HP DVD 740 but when it is done reading and the tray opens and tells me to insert blank media…it never recognizes it. Please Help

Then you maybe have inserted a wrong mediatype or crappy media.

I have tried two types of Media…Fuji DVD-R and Verbatim DVR+/-R

Hi KARacin

I have HP DVD 740b writer and a HP DVD 740e writer and have never had an issue with them :smiley:
Which one do you have and is it one that you just installed :confused:
is it a master or slave need more info if you please

Tim :cool:

It is an “e”, I have had some success at times, that makes me believe it’s some software issue. When I insert media in the Drive it recognizes it and plays a DVD or CD.

“e” means nothing. Please post a DISCINFO output or info provided by Nero infotool.

“e” Means "External"
I will butt out on any more help on this issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Tim :rolleyes:

Hehe, I thought you were talking about the driveletter.

Sorry for the bad info…I have found out that it is for sure a HP 740b and it does not recognize blank media.

Hello again KARacin

Is your firmware up to date it should be HJ24

You may also want to open the side pannel of your PC or Tower and check the cable just to make sure it is snug and we can go from there if you still need help


Hi KARacin

I have been reading other threads to help you out on this issue since I have 740 internal and a 740 external,
I have read that others have the same problem diffrent burners and was able to fix the it by uninstalling the drive or deleting it and letting windows re-installing it.
you may try that


Thanks Tim,
I will start with saying it [B]DOES[/B] recognize Blank CD’s when I insert them, it just doesn’t seem to recognize Blank DVD’s. My next step is to update from HP and see what happens and try different media. If I insert a blank DVD shouldn’t it ask me what I want to do with it? I would not think since the CD read and DVD’s that are not blank are recognized, it would not be the cable. But weirder things happen.

Thanks for the responses.

Is your firmware up to date it should be HJ24

What do you mean by HJ24…the update at HP is
Release Date: 2006-05-31 Version: L
And my properties shows Driver 5.1.2535.0

Check out these two…looks like HP’s 740b latest firmware is actually HI24.
HI24 -release date 8/23/06…HJ24- release date 3/3/06

I think if you check the Version: L is a update for the LIGHTSCRIBE Software and not the unit firmware :doh:

Tim :cool:

I think if you check the Version: L is a update for the LIGHTSCRIBE Software and not the unit firmware

Possible…but I got that off the properties to the Drive…but it did say Microsoft Driver…I am in the process of getting HI24, But it says I don’t have the requirements. So I have updated the Lightscribe Firmware and I’m trying again.

If you need or want the HJ24 firmware for the HP DVD740i or b I can and will send it to you by email or using your PM


Or you can download it yourself from the link in MBK’s reply use the bottom link

I found those links on the post for updates. I will try.

The attachment has my Nero info for this drive…mind you if I go to the “Disc” tab it says no disc inserted even when there is. I have the Hj24 but I’m having trouble getting the HI24 installed. I just doesn’t seem to install. I have looked up hp dvd 740b on the HP website and there is a lightscribe file there also. When I try to install that it says my computer does not meet requirements. Don’t know why. This drive does write a CD when using clone cd. And when I insert a blank CD it does recognize it.

I am having the exact same problem as the OP. I have tried everything suggested in this thread but none of it seems to work. I would be glad if anyone could provide any help to solve this problem.