My Hp 640i can't detect my Blank 8xTaiyo DVD-R any more

The Hp 640i used to detect and burn these Tye 8x -R’s and 16x -R’s just fine. Now it doesn’t. I’m using the same spindle of Ty 8x-R’s and my other drive, a Benq 1620, usually has no problems with anything but once in a while it won’t detect these discs now either. When I eject and re-insert then the BenQ is fine but even this is newly developed problem

I cross-flashed the Hp to Benq firmware (B7 V9 first, then onto B7W9) but this made no difference. (The problem started while still using the HP firmware)

The problem just cropped up after an update to anyDVD was installed so I contacted them and they said it can’t be because of that. My tye’s are genuine so that’s also not the culprit.

The Hp 640i drive will still detect and burn inferior discs such as my verbatim DVD+Rw’s and Fuji Dual Layer +R’s that are really Ricoh discs, it has no problems with my Ty CD-r’s or Verbatim litecribe CD-r’s either. It just stopped being able to detect the 8x -r Tye’s for some reason.

I’ve never had a problem with the lightscribe capabilities of the drive and neither Nero 6.0, DVD Identifier, or Clone DVD & AnyDVD will detect these Taiyo discs in this drive anymore when they all used to do so.

I would appreciate any help suggestions with this.

Thanx in advance,


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Are these TY genuine and can you find out the real MID/mediacode?

DVD Identifier lists these as TyG03 (the 16X) and TyGO2. What really stumps me is i’m using the same spindles of discs, not new ones and the HP used to detect them just fine.
I am completely stumped about this one.

It’s weird that the drive only would have trouble with that media.

Maybe you should clean the drive/lens.

Actually I’ve been worried that somehow my order of tye’s got sabotaged but the online business has always been above reproach, the tools I know how to use to check the discs list them as tyes, but the Hp 640 just will not detect them.

I read elsewhere on this site that the best way to clean the lens is manually, how is this done? Wouldn’t the Tray have to be removed in order to be able to reach inside? Are the trays removable?

I’m willing to try cleaning the lens if someone can tell me how to do so. I won’t use one of those lens cleaning discs as I know they can seriously scratch things up, but manually cleaning would be good if it’s possible to do so.

I just tried identifying a disc again and this time neither burner would recognize one of these Tye’s was inserted even after several ejects and re-inserts. Usually the BenQ 1620 never acts up, or one quick eject fixes it.

I had to no choice but to restart the computer, then the BenQ drive started recognizing the disc but it identified it as a Rico disc, not a Taiyo Yuden. I thought could this be the prob. since Ricoh discs are not supported by Benq?
Once I ejected and reinserted the [U]same disc[/U] it was detected much more quickly and Properly identified as what it should be, a Taiyo Yuden TYG02.

So What would make the DVD drives fluke out and mistakenly identify a disc or in the HP’s case not even “see” the disc? A problem with XP? A Bios problem? a virus? a pair of dirty lenses?

Has anyone heard of these symptoms before?
Any help will be greatly appreciated as I’m to the point where i’m starting to think my computer is alive and p.m.s.'ing on me!

I have a similiar drive, what was once flashed to be an HP 840b, but is back to being an LG GWA-4166b (don’t ask!) … anyway, the whole reason I started flashing it around was because of the same issue. It doesn’t recognize ANY DVD-Rs. I have 3 brands, Ritech’s, PLAYs and Verbatims, and none will recognize any more. Not sure what to do about that. I have not yet cleaned the drive… if someone would elaborate on how to clean the drive properly, I would give that a shot too. Thanks. Any other suggestions?

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ala42. Did you even READ my post? I was asking to elaborate on how to clean the drive properly so that B M Woolman, who never got an answer to it, could and myself could get the information from this thread.

Why is that everyone has an opinion, yet none of these people offer help or read the posts???

Now, if we can get back to the thread and stop making uninformed comments…
Can anyone please elaborate on how to clean the drive properly??