My home cinema doesn't like 1620 dvd-r burns

Hi everyone,

This is making me crazy, heres there problem:

I’ve got a home cinema (sony) Dav s500 that has always read DVD-R perfectly, recorded from a plextor 712 (at work) and a sony dru 700a (a friends) and has done well with any type of media (including crap princo).

Well, after some burns i’ve been unable to do the same with my new benq 1620 (with firmares P9 and T9). I’ve tried vervatims, TYG01 and sony’s 08D1
and i always get the same error in my home cinema (scratched disk or needs cleaning). I’ve tried nero and dvd decrypter with no luck. The scans a very good. What bothers me more is that these recorded DVD-R i do with my benq play fine in any of my friends home dvds.

I’s there something i can do or try?

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I have exactly the same problem with my philips dvd1620k!
all the ritek disks i have burnt scan graet and look perfect but when i go to play them they just stop or skip at certain points?
Is there an answer to this? They even look better scaned on my old px-712a than the disk the plextor produced so why arent they workin?

I forgot to say that, if i compare the scans (with the same media) of the benq and the plextor the ones done with the benq a better.
And the scan of the princo media done with the plextor is so bad that i dont know how the hell my home cinema plays it…

I’m not sure these problems ever get resolved as the problem seems so hard to pin down but out of curiosity could you try the 1620 in your firends computer and reflash the B7T9 firmware to the drive while its in his computer and see if the disc it burns in that system plays in your DVD players ?

If it doesnt work then theirs not really much else I can think off bar tweaking your own computer updating bios drivers etc. if nothing works you’re probably best to RMA the drive.

Just as 8T8 and mentioned this is a tough problem to figure out as there can be many factors that are involved. First the SONY DVD players can be really picky on what they can play well. I know of others that have a SONY DVD player and have problems with various media. Are you using DVD+R or -R? I would make sure you use +R in your BENQ1620 and let the out-of-the-box bit-set your media to DVD-ROM. This will make it most compatible with your system.

Where did you get your BENQ from? What was the original FW on the drive? Did you have to cross-flash from G to B? If these play fine in your friends DVD player then your BENQ is working and the burns are being made…by the way what is the make/model of your friends DVD player?

Please provide a more detailed step by step plan of what you did since you started with a brand new drive out of the box. Include how you installed the drive as well. This will provide valuable info to everyone in order to help you.

Thx for your replays,

I didnt mention it but i have no complains with DVD+R (set to DVD-ROM), these work perfect, at least in my sony home player. (and the reason i dont use DVD+R for films is that my friends and specially my gilfriend home players dont like them very much).
About the make of the DVD players, i’m not sure about that because the are not well know makes. (its those cheap ones you can buy in the supermarket for 50-60€).

I dont remember the exact firmware it came with (B7 something, made in october 2004), i got it in MediaMarkt (big chain in Europe) boxed. (not oem). Flashed to B7P9 and then to B7T9. All test were made with those FW

It’s set up as master in XP with sp2 and i use nero and dvd decrypter
Made about 30-40 burns and no major problems (two coasters with princo)

I know its strange,i’m left with a home DVD player that plays all the DVD-R toasted with two different burners (except mine) and my Benq that toasts DVD-R which work without a problem in at least 4 different home DVD players (except mine) :frowning:

I’m out of ideas… thats why ask.

There just isn’t full compatibility between all DVD burners and all DVD players. That’s the truth and it really stinks. I bought a Philips DVP642 home DVD player (actually three on them) because its plays every DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL disc that I have ever burned. I love this player. You can see it here:<catalog_us_consumer%2Fcategories<home_audio_video_gr_us_consumer%2Fcategories<dvd_players_recorders_ca_us_consumer%26&productId=DVP642_17_US_CONSUMER&activeCategory=HOME_AUDIO_VIDEO_GR_US_CONSUMER&fredhopperpage=detail.jsp&activeTab=specifications&language=en&country=US&catalogType=CONSUMER&proxybuster=QOTFVXB1KGQ2PJ0RMRCSHQVHKFSESI5P

It doesn’t include DVD-R and DVD-RW in the specs list. But, if you click on the adobe .pdf called product specification sheet (leaflet), they are included with all the other disc types. I also have a friend and a relative who love their Philips DVP642 players. Actually, another friend of mine just bought one and he loves his too. This is as close as it comes to full compatibility. Some say that certian DivX videos can be problematic at times. I don’t know because I don’y have any DivX files. I just use DVD movies and DVDs with MP3s on them and the Philips DVP642 plays them all with no problems.

I’m sorry to hear about your problems with your Sony. Obviously, the BenQ and your Sony don’t get along with DVD-R discs. As you have stated, your BenQ and some of your friend’s DVD players do get along with DVD-R discs. The BenQ DW1620 can burn both DVD-R and DVD+R and that gives you the flexibility you need. Use DVD+R discs between your BenQ and home Sony DVD player. It isn’t a great solution, but it will allow you to play burned discs from your BenQ. Thank goodness the BenQ is a dual format burner. Remember the earlier days of DVD burners only being of one format - :eek:

I will just have to get use to it (or replace my home set…) Maybe in one of the future firmwares i see the light or who knows i might find a media that my sony likes better.

This sounds like an incompatibility problem between your Sony player and the way BenQ burns DVD-R discs. Your Sony player must be very picky about how DVD-R media should be recorded (probably has to do with recorded data format on the medium), and apparently the BenQ burner isn’t doing it. Since all your friends’ players play the same disc fine. I believe that there is nothing you can do to help this other than replacing the Sony player or using a different burner. Or just simply hope for a new firmware release from either Sony or BenQ to fix this problem.

This is the reason I have stayed away from SONY especially in DVD players…I have heard of too many people have problems with this SONY being picky but others seem to have no issues. Maybe you want to look at this to learn as much as you can…knowledage is power!

I don’t have a philips player but I do have 2 COBY DVD-224…this player ROCKS! It will play pretty much anything you can throw at it. It really has no problem. It has a very sleek and trim design resembling the more expensive players. Just like Socrates007 I know a few people that have this player and could not be happier. You can read more here:

More things that can cause the skippy hiccup:

Media write speed–so try a different speed.

Transcoding in use: Of course, Nero shouldn’t make a skip, but I use Shrink for re-coding to size, and then RecordNow or Decryptor to burn the resulting .iso file.

Presence of VSO’s Patton Couffin driver installed in Windows Device Manager

Nero’s INCD, Roxio/Adaptec DirectCD, Sonic’s DLA

Virus scanner switched on while reading, transcoding, writing

Norton Protected Recycle Bin is active

System Restore is active (use backup to cd instead and disable System Restore)

Hard drive needs to be defragmented

Data integrity slightly bad due to a defective or sub-optimal IDE cable.

Virus or spyware present on a system that has a constant internet connection (who care’s if you’re writing a DVD, it’s time to E-mail 95 more people).

3rd party IDE drivers in use/not up-to date

Media not compatible with set-top player–very common, try different burn speed or gift the incompatible media to a friend. But, don’t send it to me! I’ve got one of the crankiest set-top players possible. Although, firmware T9 has helped make most DVD+R discs work well with it. That was a fantastic christmas present from BenQ. :wink:

Not enough free computer system memory causes buffer to drop below halfway and the BenQ attempts to rescue the disc on media that is not completely compatible with the seamless link technology (on -R the seamless sometimes isn’t). This can happen if the software buffer is too small. It can also happen if the software buffer (in writing software–check preferences) is larger than the amount of free system memory, causing constant swapfile access during DVD writing. Check free RAM while burning a test disc and purchase additional memory if needed.

Too much 3rd party add-on software running while DVD burning. For instance, 4 different instant messangers, camera connect, all-in-one PSC software, weatherbug, NAV.

Automatic updates such as Microsoft Windows, Anti-Virus, Printer software, Realplayer, and SO many other programs will run in the background constantly checking for updates and interfering with DVD writing. A huge collection of these could create a memory/cpu lack similar to virus activity. Check the “run” section of the registry, startups, and services to see if your computer is overloaded by automatic updates.

P.S. I have noticed that encoding 3 or more videos simultaneously can introduce pauses into video. Flinching or pausing video can be fixed with NeroVision, subtracting the damaged section, and transcoding into a new disc. Transcoding takes much longer than recoding, but it will fix any timing issues that are video-file specific. I suppose that if a computer were overloaded while encoding video that it could screw up the timing, but you would experience these glitches on any set top player, not just one. So, I suggest that you have the usual problem of your set top player disliking your choice of media.

test123 I checked the web page and a few more a reporting trouble with DVD-R playing them on the Sony (DAV-S500), but not many. Not much i can get from there. (wonderful page to look when buying something in the future)

danielwritesback many thanks for all your recommendations,i will test some of them in future burns, but mainly i will wait for a new firmware or till i buy different media to test. I will search in the forums to see what media (DVD-R) works best with the Benq 1620 and try to buy it. (even thought my TYG01 scans look so good).

Hey, does that Philips really play mp3 folders on a dvd or did you mean CDs?
That would be cool…

I did in fact mean DVDs. I almost couldn’t believe it myself as it’s rare to find a DVD home player that plays MP3s on recordable DVD media. The Philips DVP642 (I have three of them) does indeed play MP3s burned to DVD+R, DVD-R, and DVD+RW (maybe even other types, but those are the ones I’ve tested so far). The only limitation is that the song title/name is limited to 11 characters (or maybe it’s 12 characters) in length. I really don’t care about that though. Long filenames would be a great side benefit, but I’m just very happy that I can transfer a ton of MP3s onto a DVD recordable disc and have my Philips DVP642 play it. It will also play MP3s burned to CD recordables as well. I love my three Philips DVP642 players. :bigsmile:

Heh, I have two 630/632’s, almost identical. Love them to bits. Just waiting for a new model with longer filenames, faster menus and better divx support for my 3th one. :slight_smile:

That little Coby 224 can play these audio formats:

Audio formats:
MP3, DVD-MP3 max 256kbit/s
MP3 long filename

It sounds like a very nice player. :wink:

Why don’t you have a look at resource sites like and see what DVD+R media works with your unit? That’s +R with a plus sign. The BenQ burner will bit-set the +R medias (only +R) into DVD Rom discs that will fool your set-top player into working right.

My home cinema doesn’t like -R discs either, so I shall not try to “force feed” it any more. +R discs, automatically bit set to DVD Rom, plays just fine.

Plus and minus media are the same price now and I only buy + media. I didn’t even own a DVD player up until about a year ago and I didn’t want to spend much money so I got the Go Video DV2130. The manual says it will read DVD-R/RW, etc. but mine won’t read DVD-R media, it will only read +R and +RW media. Here’s the funny part, my brother has the exact same Go Video player, purchased it less than a week after I did from the same store and his will play anything you throw at it. Go figure.

I have this player also and am very satisfied with it. I have a lot of XviD and DivX files and have never had one fail to play on the Philips 642 or on my other play-everything Liteon LVD-2002. Most of the reported problems that occur with these MPEG-4 files happen because they were created with non-standard specs, or using unsupported features, or were downloaded on the internet (GIGO). If a reliable program using standard settings such as Gordian Knot is used to create them, there will never be a problem in playing DivX or XviD files.

Incidentally, the Liteon LVD-2002 will also play everthing, including long MP3 filenames on all types of DVD media. It also plays DTS audio, one of the few things that the Philips 642 doesn’t support. This is not a problem for me, as I can live with the Dolby Digital AC3 audio on the Philips.